Tide Is Turning

  • Looks like people are ploughing back into the top end, or is this mass de-listing?

  • Mass De listing by the looks of things.

  • Wouldn't be surprised if it was the market makers de-listing the thousands of shares bought to try and stimulate the market.

  • Haven’t been able to keep a close eye on things today, but was very surprised to see such a surge in prices. I’m hoping this is not an artificial boost by market makers or by FI themselves🤞

  • @Marco27 What do you mean by that? Are you saying they bought thousands which they put in the sell queue?

  • Yes its been going on since yesterday as far as I can tell imo. Think money has been freed up and people are cashing in on profit on GKs, so everything is in theory going to start to balance out.
    Time will tell anyway.

    First time my ports seen some green in over a month other than GK's lol

  • It’s unlisting once one big account(s) do it the prices start to rise others get the notifications worry they’re missing something and unlist like sheep like they list too.

    This is a cycle like any other, the doom and gloom lasts 1-2 weeks normally then we stabilise for a few weeks then we rise. Coming into gold days for EL/CL throughout August, the start up of leagues and transfers we’ll all be fine.

    Media revamp will cause a little instability whilst people throw their toys out the pram and threaten to leave, others will adjust their ports.

    Sell orders will arrive some prices will drop then recover.

    And before we know it it will be December and we’ll all be demanding a new dividend increase as we’ve hit market cap for the shit we got 2 weeks ago.

    If people don’t have the stomach for the ups and downs to come I suggest they sell up so they aren’t so anxious all the time, it’s not good for your health.

    The rest of us will enjoy the ride 🤪

  • @Sav2000

    haha well put.

    Do we know if are MM making bids now ?

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