Ousmane Dembele

  • Reports saying that he will turn down Chelsea for Utd.

    How do we think this will affect his price?

  • https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/946521/Barcelona-news-Ousmane-Dembele-Arsenal-transfer-rumours-gossip

    He says he's going nowhere, can't see why Barca would sell him after getting just a couple months out of him?!

    But stranger things have happened

  • They need to get rid of messi when players turn down Barca and top players won't go there coz of his bullying ego then his got to go they had the best out of him time to make way for dembele

  • Read reports on how he's not settled last week in comparison to say Coutinho who they think will have a big season for them next year? Perhaps he doesn't fit right for Barca at the minute? Valverde plays 4-4-2 with Saurez & Messi up top and has Coutinho, Rakitic, Busquets, Iniesta (Paulinho/Gomes) so where does he get in??? the only place he can contend for is Iniesta's but with rumours of Griezman in and no doubt a marquee signing from the WC to come it doesn't leave much room for him?

    Maybe some substance in it?? A year loan at least??

  • He's 20 years old, and the fourth most expensive transfer in history, and has been injured much of the season. I'd be really surprised if they gave up on him so quickly. A loan move is a definite possibility but I can't see a transfer on the cards.

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