Sarr to United??? Opinion???

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  • @cAtWoRk "Gary Neville suggests...."

    Complete non story.

  • @JonesyFI-WH I agree but i can imagine Sarr on the wing at United! Such a good player, he can improve a lot playing whit better players!

  • @cAtWoRk Neville was raving about him in the West Ham game Friday night. Currently a headless chicken. Pace to burn but no real end product (bar a few games this season). Working with better players may improve him but I don't see him being a starter for Manchester United any time soon. They've got another speed merchant in Daniel James and he doesn't get a look in.

  • @cAtWoRk Put him on the wing at United? Who would you drop? James struggles to get a game and he is an out and out winger. If Sarr came in that would mean Greenwood or Rashford sitting on the bench because I could not see Utd changing their style

  • I bought Sarr a while back on basis he is too good for Watford, so a transfer would be helpful....Utd obviously very helpful.

    Slightly off topic, but still in Sarr......can someone explain his price graph. Is that one big holder listing and unlisting??!!


  • @TotalPunt I remember when this happened, price dropped late at night for under an hour, couldn't tell you why.

  • Noway United sign him. Another James/Lingard. Looks to have potential but not enough quality in the final third. He’s an Everton player.

  • On Sarr I general I believe he's a great hold but needs another season at a team like Watford before he takes a move to one of the bigger teams. I think he's got the potential to do well at a top four club, could even see him at Liverpool replacing Mane or Salah over the course of a few seasons.

  • Disclaimer: I hold Perisic.

    I put it on Twitter the other day, but I've heard quite a few local stories that Manchester United are willing to swop Sanchez for Perisic this summer.

    Neither are wanted by their respected employees & a straight swop would make sense for both teams.

    You heard it here first folks 👍

    Time will be the judge

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