Hello and the art of staying patient

  • Just a message to say hello and also a thank you for the good advice (generally), I've read the forum since I started in September last year but never posted as the app won't let me (using the browser now), my introduction won't be as long or brilliant as @Baydog's but here we go - Like most I've taken a hit since the IS removal and now have several players in negative equity but if you like the player and don't need the money instantly then hold fast, I've had Calhonoglu at £1.40 for at least 5 months and all he's done is lose value but eventually now he's having his day in the sun. I guess my point is if you've bought a decent player and they're not ancient then don't panic sell and trust in the platform as the good times will return, also it's good to see the GOAT cleaning up, good luck everyone 👍

  • @KingKev spot on. Well said 🙌🏻

  • Well said. I have been on FI for 18 months and during the first 12 months made loads of profit. The last 6 months has been difficult but like you say remain patient and I am sure the good times will return.

  • Definitely agree with this. When I first joined FI back in early April, it hooked me straight away.
    Being an educationalist with an interest in behavioural psychology, I noticed my body state was mostly in a sympathetic mode - fight-or-flight, nervous energy running through my body. I was like the proverbial blue-arsed fly! I wanted to be in and on everyone and everything. That is when mistakes happen.

    Now, nearly four months later, I am much more in control. I am happy to let my port trickle along. Even more, the 'mistakes' I made are not necessarily mistakes at all. One of my favourite things during lockdown has been to watch Bob Ross' 'Joy of Painting' episodes on iPlayer. They are wonderful. He calls mistakes 'happy accidents', and it is a good way of looking at it. A week ago I would have told you the shares I bought in Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa were a mistake. His price had barely budged and he had scored some decent, if unremarkable PB scores since the return. Yesterday he bagged the gold PB for MIDs. A 'happy accident' if ever there was one. I am hoping some of my other 'mistakes' will turn into 'happy accidents' too.

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