Here’s something I’ve been pondering lately..debate!

  • Surely it is better for Man Utd NOT to get top 4, in terms of FI?

    • easier euro league matches. More euro league matches, with the likelihood of reaching the final a very possible outcome.

    • Sancho will probably not come to united without CL. And, with that, less competition for PB.

    Am I seeing this wrong, but from an FI perspective, united failing to achieve top 4 is better for us all? Discuss :)

  • ..should caveat this wouldn’t be great for Sancho holders though!

  • Issue would be they have chance of top 4 and winning the europa league!
    I do wonder how many 'big' moves we will see, I just don't think anyone has the money at the moment!?
    In FI terms I'd rather he went to Barca/Real or Liverpool (as a Liverpool supporter...:)

  • A fair bit would depend on who you hold... If they are playing CL then I'd expect all of United's big guns to be involved in most fixtures... If they are EL then I'd expect a fair few of their fringe players to be involved in the group games.... I did well out of Arsenal's youngsters during the EL campaign this season - I am praying we win the FA Cup so that I can do the same again!

  • @Sol disagree, you're likely to see the bigger players rested in Europa so likes of Pogba, Bruno will have less of a chance of winning divs. No gurantee they will be rested but more likely than CL for example.

  • There is one definite positive to the Europa - and that is that it leads to more bronze day fixtures - playing on Thursday often means you get league fixtures on a Monday... But for TOTM etc you'd really want your big guns playing in the European matches as much as possible for the multiplier... I'd say in the Europa the bigger players will probably play a few of the group games then most if not all of the latter stage games

  • @Sol said in Here’s something I’ve been pondering lately..debate!:

    ..should caveat this wouldn’t be great for Sancho holders though!

    I agree with your first post but maybe not so much with the caveat ha.

    Sancho was "meant" to be at United last summer... he didn't come and his price has rocketed since. Unless of course he transfers away... the rumours of him joining United would likely intensify... but who's to say at what point traders write him off as a "never gonna happen".

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