FootyIndexScout vs IndexGain vs IndexEdge

  • Plus any other contenders... which is best and why? I just use the free version of FIS currently, what am I missing out on?

  • @Hint said in FootyIndexScout vs IndexGain vs IndexEdge:

    Plus any other contenders... which is best and why? I just use the free version of FIS currently, what am I missing out on?

    I love Scout and the guy running it is pretty responsive. That's what I tend to use.

    However, last month I tried to assemble a list of players who had won PB multiple times throughout the season, including how many times they had won... It would have been possible using Scout, but from my understanding of the site, I'd have needed to do it manually and it would have taken far too long to be worth while.

    I ended up publishing a list of PB players who had won more than 17p as a work around but that neglected the likes of Henderson, Fabinho and Bruno....

    When I posted the chart, @Dr-Jan-Itor spotted which data I was missing and he sent me the list within a couple of minutes, using what I can only assume was IndexGain's Buzzbot??? (that's a guess from me)

    So, there's basically a power tool out there that could be effective in the right hands.

    Likewise, we've seen people posting updated charts for the TOTM players. A task which would take an age using Scout (unless there's tools on Scout, I'm not familiar with). If you consider that the day TOTM was announced, Willian jumped 20% and the first people who knew he lead the board were the quickest to act.... it shows what kind of advantage it can give you....

    But ultimately, it relies on your ability to react with speed. So the question is, if you had that tool would you be sat ready to use it during the next announcement, with your cash already waiting to capitalise? Because if not... then it might not be worth the added cost.

  • @Hint personally i couldnt stand FIS but thats my personal preference and probably down to me usually using my phone to quickly check players stats on the go ive also found its data to be inaccurate at times due to dividend increases or the share split.

    I tend to use index gain as ive always found it extremely useful and always accurate. The amount of data available is amazing but obviously it has a monthly fee. The IG buzz bot on slack is more than worth the monthly fee on its own though. I suppose it all comes down to your portfolio size and/or budget

  • @Dan-The-Man I use Football Index Edge

  • So what do people actually use these sites for that is beneficial to the extent of making (better) investments that wouldn’t be possible without it?

  • @chaps1988 finding under priced players by comparison but for everyday use, IG’s buzz bot has been a lifesaver on more than a few occasions

  • @chaps1988 I find the free player screener on index gain useful, can see which players have won most dividends, pb scores etc only worth paying monthly subscriptions for extra if you have a lot of money in the platform imo

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