When will my portfolio sell?

  • I have queued my portfolio for sell for the last 2 weeks and not one player has sold despite values increasing on my players. How long should it take for players to sell?

  • @NewUser628283 depends how deep the queue is; but the market is currently flat so you’ll be waiting a while depending on if your players are in demand or not. Once the new season gets under way and we’re out of this strange time things will get moving.

  • Thanks Sav. Only 5 players I'm waiting on selling. New to the index so I'm concerned values will drop till the new season starts. Would this be the case? However, I am aware with the new season starting soon it might not be that bad.

  • @NewUser628283 really depends on the players you’re trying to shift; look at the IS spread that will give you an indication on how popular the players are.

    These are strange times and not what any of us expected; for me nearly all of my port have been purchased with the Euros in mind so I’m not trying to sell anyone currently. Hoping we get some sort of media madness to shift a couple who were transfer holds, time will tell.

  • @NewUser628283 can see some info on queues of players if you follow the market sales thread... Ive had players listed for months, 2 weeks at times like these isn't long at all.

  • @NewUser628283 also just because the value goes up doesn't necessarily mean people are buying the players. Could just be that someone else has delisted them from sale.

  • 3 days 12 minutes

    Honestly ?

    It's the end of the season. Who are you trying to sell ?
    Why would somebody else pay full market price....that's what you need to be thinking. If the players are in demand they will sell but there's going to be a queue

  • How long is a piece of string? (twice as long as from the middle to the end lol)

    Depends on alot of things, tho this prob isnt the best time to be selling, right now is a buyers market.

  • Ive still not sold a player since I created my account like 3 months ago... So a couple of weeks unfortunately isn't anything.

    They should have let us know this before we deposited!

  • As soon as sell orders come in you’ll be able to sell straight away. Are you buying from market at the minute? I doubt it. So why would someone buy from you?

  • @ZakStag Do you think we’ll be able to sell at better prices than the instant sell at present on a wide range of players? Also, what do you see happening to prices across the market when this comes into force?

  • @NewUser628283 why are you trying to sell your whole portfolio? Do you need the money for something or have you panicked by all the scaremongering on here over the last month?

  • @TeamGB - when sell orders come in it is likely that market buy prices will rise, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to sell at those prices. Let’s look at a player with 0.80p instant sell price and £1 market buy price. At the moment no one is going to be paying full price and in many instances not many people are selling their shares at 20% discount. So market isn’t moving. Once sell orders come in there may be some holders who delist to offer their players at say 90p. The delisting will mean the market buy price goes up. All those people who wanted to pay 80p may decide that if 90p is the cheapest they will now increase their bids, or all the current bidders could remove their bids and go and search for other players. Who knows what will happen? Eventually the market will find its price for every player. There may be some bargains and there may be players taking big loses who own players that aren’t in demand.

    A lot of people thought the market engine would improve the site. For many it didn’t. Lots of people eagerly anticipated the dividend increase as it was going to kick-start the index. It didn’t. So treat anyone who tells you for certain what will happen when sell orders comes in with some caution.

    Good luck

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