Portugal Primeria?

  • Thoughts on the following:

    Pizzi - top scorer and a load of assists but aged 30 (I think)........... I own zero
    Mehdi - that has been mentioned a load of times.....................I own 200
    Danilo Pereira - in the news today................................................. I own 100
    Ryan Gauld - ex Sporting and just been promoted................... I own 200

  • @trig personally wouldn't buy any of them but good luck.

  • @trig if you want a punt its alex grimaldo. I hold, but just over 100 so hardly gonna be pumping him. I stopped topping up because of his injury which may serve to prevent that illusive PB move this summer, but if he moves hes golden. If I get wind that hes fit, or that Spurs or one of the other suitors firm up their interest in him I'll be going much much bigger on him

  • @MickTurbo yep make sure you let us know if you get wind πŸ‘πŸ»

  • @JonesyFI-WH

    You can usually tell by the increase of bubbles floating to the top of his hot tub and the grimaces of those sharing it with him.

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Portugal Primeria?:


    You can usually tell by the bubbles floating to the top of his hot tub and the grimaces of those sharing it with him.

    Especially when the hot tub isn't even switched on.

  • @Jimbob
    Edited πŸ‘πŸ»

  • You're looking at the wrong type of players. You want to take a punt on the likes of Fabio Silva, Umaro Embalo, etc.

    That's the type of player in the Portuguese, Dutch and Belgian leagues that can really make you rich if they explode. Examples in those other two leagues are Ryan Gravenburch, Myron Boadu, Yari Verschaeren, etc.

  • Medhi Taremi is the man. 8 goals in 8 games. Rio Ave boss says he’s going. If he gets a PB league........

    Worst case a year at Benfica and champions league. Then a move next summer as they cash in.

  • Alex telles????

    Chelsea & psg links

  • My one and only non PB hold is Ruben Dias, just a quality defender. Wouldn't mind Arsenal signing him, should be at a top team soon.

  • @trig Pizzi is good with a dead ball and in a PB league I'm sure he'd post some tasty scores - but he's going nowhere, was one of the snakes that stopped playing to get Benfica's old coach sacked. With the return of Jorge Jesus, it might be a rare summer where Benfica don't sell heavily either.

    Taremi is all over the forum anyway, scored plenty of times, Rio Ave have had their best season down to him and Carlos Carvalhal. I don't and won't hold because I'm not sure how well he'd adjust to playing at a higher level.

    Danilo Pereira is a beast, but not FI-friendly. Won't post high PB scores, but will do a great job on the pitch for whoever he goes to - though I think Arsenal is a big step-up.

    Gauld says he doesn't like being in the limelight and loves the style of Portuguese football, maybe worth as a 3 year old but very little otherwise. Can only look so far when a player has a good season in the 2nd tier in Portgual.

    I hold none of these, only player in the league I hold is Joao Filipe (Jota).

  • Ruben Dias & Carlos Vinicius are my only current holds. I would be very surprised if Dias doesn't end up in the Premier League next season.

  • @Wolvesfan1980 Prepare to be very surprised. With Jorge Jesus back with his demands, the Benfica chairman doesn't need to sell. Reportedly Jorge Jesus has wanted guarantees that both RD and CV won't leave. The chairman has said previously that he sees the centre-back as being the future of the club, but I'd take that with a pinch of salt.

    The Euros are next summer too - can see Ruben Dias being a very tidy price around that time, if you're still holding.

  • I think Marcus Edwards is one who potentially has a lot of upside. 7 Goals and 9 Assists this season is decent for a 21 year old but the real kicker for me is that he is English. If he starts to produce on a consistent level I can see the media hype of him being another English youngster who went abroad to improve his game and then gets linked with coming back to the Premier League.

    He's Β£1.50 at the moment, which is high given what he's accomplished so far but his potential ceiling is a lot higher than that. I wouldn't go in big on him as I think he's a gamble but I think it's probably one worth taking.

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