• Evening all,

    Had a small deposit planned for a while now to top up some existing holds. Clear Market stagnation at the minute so want to try and get it done (shares bought) before the next announcement.

    Has/is anyone planning a deposit at the minute? Or is this a bad time to deposit ‘new funds’ even if they’re planned.

    Apologies for the very beginner nature of this post!

  • Very good question, shows you are thinking about nuances like timing a deposit to coincide with a market lull. Good trader instincts!

    I can’t give you a clear answer. In my two years on the platform, every time the market has gone stagnant, FI have announced something to kickstart things back into life. So ordinarily I’d say yes, now is a good time.

    However I have to give the caveat that the index is currently in its biggest ever transition, and is less than halfway to a fully functioning “order book” system. There is lots of speculation about what this will mean for player values but in reality nobody knows for sure.

    It probably comes down to how much confidence you have in FI and the direction it is heading in.

  • @Highfields96 Depends on your situtation and how you feel.

    My opinion is this, im confident FI will eventually bounce back, so im taking this time to snipe away with cheap bids on the players I want.
    Im investing more in FI than my port right now, Im hoping and praying this thing GROWS and I have loads of shares in loads of players dirt cheap and I walk away laughing in the coming few years.

    IMO getting the players you want at rock bottem prices pisses over any crappy deposit bonus they will announce. (10% up to £1500 or whatever)

  • I’ve deposited another 10% of my total deposits the last week. But only spent bout half of it and a good bit still left in bids

  • No more deposits for me, I've been doing the opposite, selling up and withdrawing. I love the product but its broken at the moment.

  • @Coleyscrooge OB will be intresting, as from what I understand it puts some power back in the hands of the seller.

    Sure buyers can still place low bids, however other than sellers cutting each others throats in a race to the bottom, it gives sellers atleast a punchers chance as they can list for a price which they see as "fair" which is half the battle. They might get lucky and just so happens all other shares get bought and someone sees your shares and accepts, its your donald duck just like ME, Iv practicly stole some shares at the prices Ive had bids accepted for, the bids where active for a long while, however patience is key.

  • Appreciate all the input here guys. I’ve been saving it for a potential announcement but I think having the players now would suit me better - only have a small portfolio anyway and didn’t like the rush for GK’s after the last announcement (just bought mine the next day).

    FWIW; I think the full OB implementation will see an initial drop in player prices but only temporarily. I think now sellers are less reluctant to accept dirt cheap bids which in turn means buyers are having to bid higher.

    @ukph are you withdrawing now with a view of permanently leaving or will you return after the full implementation after OB?

  • @Highfields96 oh I’ll be back for sure if the OB implementation is a success. For now I have thousands sat in players where I’m able to sell for my money back...I’m in “profit” with them but without being able to sell at market rate or a reasonable spread then the whole thing is pointless

  • Banned

    I think there is probably a high % of people who have pulled money out but will return if FI get things sorted. If that happens, then prices really could rocket again once more.

  • @MrWh1te oh yeah it’ll be back..I’ve been on FI for quite some time and it always bounces back. This does feel slightly different as the changes have been pretty drastic. I’m sure things will get going again but without liquidity it’s very difficult

  • @MrWh1te That was always my plan but I think i've just lost complete faith now, not sure there is any coming back from this for me personally. They would need to have a lot more transparency and much, much better communication.

    Maybe just entirely different people running it tbh.

  • Its a great time for new money in my opinion. Unfortunately im not able to put any more in as i have financial priorities elsewhere at the moment but if i were you id be taking advantage of the Matching engine while you can before sell orders come in because you wont see prices this low with spreads this big again after that

  • @Black-Wolf do you think spreads will tighten with sell orders? I need to sit down and figure out how the whole thing might work. How will buy prices rise? See I have quite a bit of spare cash to invest but just find it pointless buying players I dont think I'll ever be able to market sell.

  • I'm also in the new money camp. I've deposited 25% extra on top of my total deposits this week as I feel there is currently an opportunity, but have not been proactively targeting new players as such.

    I want to add one premium hold with half of the deposit as it's clear that the PB/MB holds with be more of a factor with the TOTM announcement and slight divs increase. I've been sniffing around Sterling and Dybala but am currently torn. With the rest of the money I'm topping up my existing holds that have taken a fall over COVID and the announcement. I have a few that I'm in the red in and I've using the ME to buy shares up at a significantly lower price than my original buy price to drop my average buy price and in all cases bring me back into the green or close to evens.

    With the announcement I haven't really wanted to pump lots of new money into GK's or new holds as I'm uncertain of the future in terms of which holds represent the best value. However I was confident with my previous approach, targeting longer term cap app players with a few premium holds in there to supplement things and I still believe in a lot of my holds for cap app purposes. So basically my latest deposit, which will be my last for a while, is to get my own house in order and put myself in the best possible position to market sell players once things pick up again.

    I may yet add a GK or two to diversify slightly as I don't hold any at present, but I won't add any keeper who does not fit my cap app approach as that's the way I feel most comfortable playing.

    Has anyone else adopted a similar approach? In the current climate it's hard to know what is the best route forward so I'm trying to stick to where I've seen success before.

  • I'm pleased to see some discussing topping up their portfolio's, plenty talk about withdrawing but equally glad to see people depositing. Beauty about this platform is everyone seems to be viewing the changes differently - good for healthy debate!

    For clarity, I've made my deposit and will hopefully pick up the players in the coming days. I've saved a small amount in case the next announcement is a deposit bonus but came down on the side of the next announcement should see a spike in the platform so positioning myself ready. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong but having only been here for a short period of time, I don't see positives in staying stagnant or withdrawing my funds - life is a game of risk.

  • @CptMorgan said in Deposits:

    Has anyone else adopted a similar approach?

    I've added a few keepers, 1 per league. Not over invested, but feel like having some will be beneficial in the long term. I've stopped trying to correct my losses - I'd rather focus my funds on buys that have been relatively successful so far and buying them at my average buy price if possible.

  • @Highfields96

    Fair strategies imo. I will probably explore a few GK's as you're most likely correct that have the variety in your portfolio will help. I have a bid in for one keeper at the moment.

    I've been playing for about 18months now and have learned a lot. However, I'm stilling holding some of my original and earlier purchases and can see the mistakes I've made with some of them. I originally bought a maximum of 20 shares in a player and have since that switched to a maximum of 50 (I prefer to play for smaller gains across more holds - 30 man portfolio). So those I'm chasing losses on are top ups from 20 to 50 shares. With a 150% increase in share holdings at this time you basically wipe out any paper losses whilst the market is at, from what I've seen, it's weakest ever point for selling. I'm keeping sensible about it though and picking guys that have clear capital appreciation ahead. Everyone else I might as well keep for now rather than sell up as things might pick up or the player might hit form.

  • @ukph said in Deposits:

    @Black-Wolf do you think spreads will tighten with sell orders? I need to sit down and figure out how the whole thing might work. How will buy prices rise? See I have quite a bit of spare cash to invest but just find it pointless buying players I dont think I'll ever be able to market sell.

    You will see folk saying we will get a race to the bottom but this wont happen otherwise sellers would have accepted the current spreads. What is most likely to happen is that sellers listing what they want will force buyers to raise their bids.

    What will also happen is that sales will be made more regularly making sell queues reduce and therefor increase the market buy price this will then have sellers recalculate what they wish to sell for and force more acceptable offers from buyers

    There will be a period of volatility as the market adjusts just as happened when bids were introduced but offers will likely create an image of panic to begin with but it wont last long and wont affect you unless you get caught up in it. My advice is sit back and watch until it stabilises because theres no benefit to rushing in on sell offers

  • @ukph Couldn't agree more mate

  • @Black-Wolf

    I could be wrong. But my understanding is that there will be no sell queue once Order Books are introduced. Your options to sell will be:

    (a) by accepting the highest buy bid; or
    (b) by placing your own sell bid and waiting for someone to buy at that price.

    I’m expecting the sell queues to be deleted overnight, causing an initial uplift in ‘buy’ prices before the inevitable falls as some traders try to undercut each other in order to sell up unwanted holds.

    There could be short term carnage, but once things have settled down we should be left with a more mature and stable market place.

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