Matchday thread 22/7/20

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    On a hot streak of div wins at the minute, haven't got records but pretty sure Cancelo last night was at least my 8th or 9th star man since the re-start, and at least the 3rd since the div increase

    Today I've got Martial, Sepe, Candreva, Pulgar

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  • Just three for me today, unusually for me all from the EPL which I tend to avoid due to being overpriced compared to the rest of the market. These are VVD, Pogba and Willian.

    Also on a bit of a Star man streak with three in a row, Messi, Ronaldo and a few Cancelo. Hoping that can continue and Pogba doing enough for MB.

    Tonight's free to air game is Liverpool/Chelsea on Pick.

    Good luck all 👍.

  • DEF/GK - TAA, Di Lorenzo, Perin

    MID - Kovacic, Kulusevski, Linetty, Pulgar, Pellegrini , Barella

    FWD - Belotti

    You never know, you never know...

  • Bruno and Pogba and probably a load of keepers I’ve forgotten who I bought 🤣

  • @Sav2000 said in Matchday thread 22/7/20:

    Bruno and Pogba and probably a load of keepers I’ve forgotten who I bought 🤣

    Bruno is due a PB win surely?

  • Chiesa, Insigne, eriksen, elmas, Ruiz, belotti, Bruno.
    You should never expect divs but I’m in with a very good shout. 🚀🚀 Bruno would be appreciated ngl.

  • A couple of ppl have asked me why all the deleted threads this morning. It seems that theres a limit to the number of open threads a user can have. Yesterday morning when I clicked on the 'new topic', I couldnt open a tab, so after a few attempts it dawned on me that this might be the case so i just deleted one of my topics and was then able to crack on with my matchday thread.

    Then in my haste this morning i went straight to 'new topic' and had the same problem so I just quickly deleted half a dozen topics in order to give me a bit of breathing space. The only thing I was careful not to do was to delete the 'sellers name your price' thread or any other thread which might have ongoing value.

    Pity cos they're always decent crack. What I may do going forward is just adjust the date every day and bump the thread every morning so we effectively have a rolling matchday thread but one which will remain current

  • DDG, Bruno, Rashford, Tony Martial, Pogba, Pulgar, Ramirez, Salah. Got a chance. Hopefully DDG gets dropped and wins MB.

  • Be nice to cap off the Premier League trophy lift with a MB win for Henderson and a PB for another Liverpool player, however I feel the PB will be dominated by the Italian League, Roma in particular or maybe Man U if a poor Hammers side turn up.

    Man u - Rashford / Fernandes
    Hammers - Antonio
    Liverpool - Salah / TAA / Mane / VVD / Bobby / Keita / Fabinho / Robertson / Elliot
    Chelsea - Abraham / CHO / Gilmour

    Napoli . Rui
    Roma - Pellegrini / Mancini

  • LOL


  • Bartlomiej Dragowski
    Erick Pulgar
    Trent Alexander-Arnold
    Virgil van Dijk
    Anthony Martial
    David de Gea
    Alex Meret
    Luigi Sepe
    Pau Lopez
    Emil Audero
    Marco Silvestri

  • Great save from Pogba. MB please.

  • @Yellow said in Matchday thread 22/7/20:

    Great save from Pogba. MB please.


    Gotta love that ha.

  • 1-1 now, Greenwood 😒

  • Interesting. Of all the players on the pitch, at 1-1, Jarrod Bowen has the highest PB score. No goal/assist either.

  • @Vaughany He has a consistently decent base PB. If he can add goals and, mainly, play for a better team than West Ham he would be dangerous. Not sure he is quite at that level above west ham yet tho, but definitely a good prospect still.

  • @TotalPunt
    Absolutely. If he could finish, he could have had 3 or 4 goals since the lockdown. If he improves and gets a move to better team in the future, I think he has real potential. Only 23 and English too. One to keep an eye on...

  • @Vaughany His workrate is absolutely phenomenal and I think is a finisher at heart - you can tell from the strike against the post vs Spurs. He just isn't going to get many opps playing on the wing for west ham 😆

  • Just as I say that Brandon Williams has snapped him in two and he's off. Still, top FWD for now.....

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