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  • Anyone know if they've any plans to keep the live table up since the div payout is 9pm? Pure impatience but would be nice to see who won or at least is top until the final decision is made.

    I last looked and sterling was getting reeled in by ibra...was hoping Ibra would be taken off but wasnt can anyone confirm the winners?

    Presume cancelo held on to star man i dont have him but have sterling and de bruyne who were both top when last checked around 10pm last night.

  • Another tech item that FI need to address and should be a really easy one, but guess they have a long to-do list.
    Sterling ended up way ahead of Ibra I think so should have fwd nailed. Cancelo star man and then KdB for Mid unless opta adjustments put Rodri ahead (🙏🏼)

  • @TotalPunt cheers lad.

    Yeh seems daft as surely the simplest of all by just letting the live table run longer until it's confirmed...again not a huge deal just impatience on my side but still seems such a simple action to help.

    Not going to jump on the moaning bandwagon though in fairness I'm pretty happy with most aspects so can't complain too much.

  • @BlameItOnTraore

    The winning results are still posted on Football Index Scout at midnight, although these results may later be wrong due to Opta amendments.


    Last night it was Cancelo (plus star), KDB and Sterling.

    MB was De Gea again.

  • Same question was asked other day and think someone responded that you can see the previous days scores on index gain, for free mind, just checked the app myself and yes they are all there under buzz scores, I would take a pic and upload it but this app crashes when you try to do that from an iPhone

  • 0_1595403219418_Screenshot.png

  • @Martyn-B

    Ah deadly cheers dude. That works 👌👌

  • @dean73 said in Pb winners:


    "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

  • @Martyn-B
    Give a man a fish and hell probably say wtf am i supposed to do with this? especially if it hasnt been gutted/de-boned, teach a man to fish and he'll probably just end up going to the fish and chip shop after a day out angling. (or a Chinese if its Chris Rea as his wife is notorious for her dislike of fish).

    on reflection i think your quote is punchier

    anyways......Fish! - LOL

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