Dani Pajero

  • Based on the players spread and no IS are people thinking he's leaving PB leagues when he leave Valencia or lost a leg? All the news stories are linking him to Spanish and English teams and he's a PB beast, have I missed something?

  • Not sure actually, he is 31 so 95% dead to most people on FI...:) Think there have been a few players with no IS recently, didnt Tammy Abraham have the same?

    I know Ighalo does...

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah its same as I said about Willian on another thread. Nobody is buying anyone over 25 these days and I doubt they will until they can be more comfortable about their ability to sell. Ita no good buying a player for £2 say even if they win £1 in dividends over 3 years if you are unlikely tk be able to sell them afterwards.

    Shit for me cos I hold 500 of him but everyone is in the same boat. I reckon most of us have players we're nervous now about whether we'll be able to sell so hopefully the plans FI have got going forward give people reassurance to buy again going forward.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah

    Coming into the off season, currently no European fixtures (unless he moves to an eligible club but still has 2 years contract left with Valencia iirc), lack of general market liquidity & especially in older players make any potential bidder/buyer avoid like he really has lost a leg. He's a very decent PB hold, who I bought at 105p & sold at 185p just before CV hit & he returned 27p in dividends but with the addition of TOTM probably has scope for more next season.

    Would I buy him right now? No, but for next season? maybe however in this current stagnant market there's no exit possible, FI tightening bidding spreads has just made the problem worse. So until liquidity returns there can be little reason to buy him but hopefully by the start of next season & with OB's fully working general market liquidity should return, giving buyers confidence to act & holders opportunities to exit at a reasonable price.

  • Thanks everyone

    Hope he continues to play in PB league, if not for Valencia then Sevilla / A Madrid. Think he will do really well in TOTM and if I was certain he would be eligible I would be topping up right now. Just worried about having another Banega in my port, so guess that's everyone's concern. Defo one to watch in the press.

  • What's confusing is there is money going into him over last 24hrs but no IS price or spread not reducing


  • IS price is now £1.26, should have tried to buy some shares stupidly cheap

    I'm still a little confused with how the spreads work if I'm honest

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah said in Dani Pajero:

    IS price is now £1.26, should have tried to buy some shares stupidly cheap

    I'm still a little confused with how the spreads work if I'm honest

    £1.26 is the lowest you can bid to buy atm

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah I thought that the instant sell price was the highest bid from another buyer but ive bid above the lowest instant sell price and it hasn't changed so no idea how it works.

    If you ask me it would make things far easier if it worked that way as it would probably create a bit of an auction type system where people just keep offering higher until someone is happy to accept the offer.

  • Potential problem with him is that if he leaves Valencia - will he get penalties which are huge for him at another club - lower down probably - high up not so sure

  • @Chap depends where he goes. Sevilla yes, atletico possibly. Real or Barca ofc not but don’t see that. Plus the fact Valencia are shit is holding him back. I’d see him as some hold at Sevilla ngl.

  • @Chap what price do u want?

  • @Jdog for?

  • @Chap yh I don’t wanna sell cheap but will listen to offers

  • not sure what your on about here mate ? lol

  • @Chap parejo lol u said u u put a bid in? Or did I get confused 😐

  • @Stevo The Sell price is the average of the highest 300 bids on that player.

  • @JonesyFI-WH oh right thanks. Where did yiu find that out? So if I was to bid above the lowest instant sell price for 300 shares I should technically get them?

  • @Stevo cant remember mate to be honest. Did read it in the rules somewhere (I think!) and others who know their stuff on here have confirmed.

    Yes you would be first in the queue if someone was selling.

  • @Stevo just googled and found this. Though this was from the Index Gain site.

    Will I still be able to use the Instant Sell and Sell Queue options?
    You’ll still be able to use the Sell Queue (Sell to Market) option.

    Instant Sell will now be generated by Traders’ Bids and, where appropriate, a market maker. The price you’ll see in the Sell button (Instant Sell price) is an average of max 300 Shares from the highest Bids. We’ve changed Instant Sell to provide more liquidity, more transparency and tighter spreads. Users will have the option to offer more competitive prices, through Bids, than a market maker could before.

    IndexGain – the instant sell price displayed may not be the price you end up selling at. Traders have asked why the instant sell price shows £1 but when you sell a smaller amount like 50 shares – the price is actually £1.10 (highest bid). This is because the £1 price is an average of the highest 300 bids and not the highest bid. This is a smart thing to note and can be a useful thing to experiment with when instant selling.

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