Bruno Peres

  • My best dividend haul in 3 years!

    Initially owned 900 of him from 6 months ago. Sold about 550 of him at a loss after ME was introduced as the lower end was now deemed ‘worthless’ so held 350.

    Then he put in 2 bigs scores in the last 3 weeks. The first he was subbed and would have won PB if not so I thought I’d top up. Then the next score happened so I knew it wasn’t a fluke and topped up some more.

    I now hold 1200 but if it wasn’t for the shit instant sell I’d hold 5000.

    Tonight I’ve been rewarded! 4p goal divs. Star man divs and I’m sure he must be a close contender for a top 3 place in TOTM.

    Very happy tonight!

  • well done sir there is nothing like the buzz of a cheap player win

  • @FI-Ads awesome that, fair play, completely unheralded player from what I can see, and in the running for TOTM as well now. I've just looked at his scores on FIS after reading your post

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