New article: My trading since the div review

  • There's still a bit of my view point on the recent announcements- couldn't help myself sorry. But after a few points are raised, I do try to be positive and lean towards the idea that FI are just getting all the fussy bits done and dusted in one swoop leading to their final plan of a settled working platform that will attract millions (HOPEFULLY!)... Then, refreshingly, this one is mostly strategy talk and showing my hand with the trades completed since the div review.

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    Would be interesting to hear if anyone is trading very similarly or indeed trading oppositely to me now?

  • Very enjoyable read mate, first time i've read one of your articles. Will keep an eye out on future ones.

    Fair play for your patience around market sales too, something many, including myself have overlooked.

  • @Meridismo04 thanks. How have you traded since the review?

  • @Westy

    Invariably i've also put my money into GKs, but i haven't overindulged. I've been taking advantage of the criminal spreads, and flipping at times at higher IS prices.

    Would love to see a bit more volatility as i would like to trade on the highs and lows, but i guess the time for that will come.

    I've always been a long-term investor, but my strategy is/will be changing as the months go by. A lot of the time my money is sitting on youth prospects who are yet to burst onto the scene, but a lot of idle money for my liking. Also, many of them may not make it.

    So yeah, a change of mindset rather than a wholesale change of strategy.

  • Great article mate. I have done similar trading to you although I do love to instant sell :-)

  • Very interesting read. I've not been doing a massive amount of trading since the review, but not through want of trying.

    I listed my entire portfolio to the market, what I was hoping for was to sell some at the Market Value and then rebuy them using bids (I'm generally buying the same players as I'm mostly happy with my holds). The thought was that this would generate some profit due to the gap and would also refresh the 3 year hold and the 30 day IPD period. The profit would be withdrawn once it hit a reasonable amount.

    Generally though this hasn't be all that successful as it's proved very difficult to shift the players in the first place. I think I've managed around £150 of sales from a £12K portfolio. The only ones who have shifted are Declan Rice and Ben Godfrey. I think I've made about £12 profit so not really worth the effort.

  • @GDS yeh I've done a bit of this and will plan to do more but I think the ME is getting a bit more competitive now and we are heading towards mostly hard money left in some holds.

    Some Neymar market sold last night so might be able to refresh those shares for 3 new years and ipds in august and get some change from it, but you get a lot of GKs for Neymars at the moment... Decisions decisions...

  • A couple of traders on Reddit thinking I've made a massive I did a bit more digging into some historic data etc...these are just very quick examples, no real thought behind which players to use in comparisons, first names that came to mind

    Looking at some of the oldies Pbs- Messi £4.98, has yielded about 25% this season on PB, Neuer 94p would have won 26p just on PB this year about 30% yield.. Illicic very similar yield to Neuer and hes priced £1.61

    Peak ages - Dybala 26 yield 6-7% £4.95 Szczeny 77p 30 yield 14%

    Yth- Mbappe? 0.78% Sancho? 1.09% Greenwood? 0% Foden? 0% Rashford? 3.68%
    Larsonneur 13.11%, Rajkovic 20.93%, Simon 8.64%

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