1000 days of FI

  • Checked my spreadsheet this morning and it tells me today marks 1000 days of this journey. Here are some figures to show how I’ve progressed, feel free to ask any questions!

    First purchases 27/10/2017:
    2 x Aaron Ramsey @ £1 each
    2 x Wilfried Zaha @ £1.02 each
    1 x Alexis Sanchez @ £5.59

    That 1 Sanchez share netted me 61p in divs over 3 months and I was buzzing!

    First divs 24/11/2017:
    Mouctar Diakhaby - 1 share - 12p PB div. nearly had a heart attack in excitement

    First purchase of 10 or more shares 24/11/2017 (obviously inspired to make the big deposit after my Diakhaby dividend bonanza!):
    15 x Cedric Bakbu @£14.70

    First purchase of 100 shares 26/07/2018:
    100 x M’Baye Niang @£88

    First purchase of 300 shares 29/06/2019:
    300 x Kenny Tete (??) @£105

    Most spent on one purchase 27/02/2020:
    300 x Paul Pogba @£1,647

    £1 in divs after 2 months
    £10 in divs after 5 months
    £100 in divs after 9 months
    £1000 in divs after 2 years

    Currently just shy of 4K in divs and bonuses
    Net deposits = £4693
    Nominal port value = £16.7k (edited)

    Crazy to look back at all the weird and wonderful trades I’ve done. Half of them make no sense to me now!

    I’ve had so much fun and it’s saved me from traditional gambling which was ruining me.

    Forum has been delightful for the most part though I don’t visit as often as I used to.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.

    Onwards and upwards!

  • really enjoyed this post :)

  • @Specksynder Great read. You did well keeping a spreadsheet from day one. I only started after about 2 years. Totally agree about some of the weird trades. We obviously saw something in them at the time but wouldn't buy in a million years knowing what I do now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing though. Had we known, we'd be millionaires now wouldnt we.

  • @Stevo
    I didn’t actually create the spreadsheet till a few months in and trawled back through my transaction history to fill it in. I also only added a dividend tab relatively recently and that was a nightmare to go through!

  • @G27
    Thanks mate it was unexpected to find I had reached the milestone so thought I’d share

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