• Inter have:
    Getafe in Europa (likely to qualify)
    Then they will have possibly either 1,2 or 3 games in Europa league dependent on how far they qualify plus a shot at Totm.
    Handanovic could be one of the first players ever to return his price in divs in a month and I think he’s a great buy even after this recent spike.

  • @Jdog all the teams you’ve mentioned there bar Genoa are quite attack minded so could struggle for clean sheets against those. Cracking keeper mind

  • @Gregolocky I’d expect 1 clean sheet out of 3 possibly another against Napoli who knows. Plus getafe are shit so possibly oen there and they are likely to qualify. He’s just signed a 3 and a half year extension so he loooks to be a good hold imo should rake in the divs in this promo

  • He’s a great flip right now imo

  • @Jdog
    Exit strategy/point the only concern given his age. Yes he’s signed an extension but Inter have made a decision to bring back Radu as his understudy for next year with a view to him learning off Handanovic before he retires. (Source: only an Inter online fanzine/magazine so not sure on legitimacy).

    Whether Radu turns out to be good enough to succeed him remains to be seen. That said, you’ll get at least a year of divs out of him.

  • @Vaughany he’s just signed a 3 and half year extension I believe surely first choice for a couple more years plus I don’t plan on holding that longboard tbh people will buy for ipds and I’ll sell then

  • @Jdog
    Yeh you might be right. He could well carry on and do a ‘Buffon’. No doubt you’ll do well out of him in the short term but just thinking ahead.

    The amount he’s gone up in the last hour, you could well make a very quick profit!👍🤣

  • @Vaughany yh defo I bought nearly 600 at average of 45p he will hit 60p or so im sure

  • This was my no1 move as soon as this news came in. TBH any of the italian european teams with 4/5 games + if they make it through the rounds makes it worth picking up the IPD and then sell out for others picking up the IPD for the new season. Plus more scores for TOTM is always nice.

    No 1 investment.

  • @NewUser607503 there’s a reason that he’s the biggest riser

  • Oooh. Not checked my port. I bought 120 of him on the day keepers were added! Was 35p. Had 2 clean sheets .. going to check my port now!!😁

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