Di Maria

  • Best hold for this promo:
    Di Maria:
    7 starts in the champions league:
    2 goals, 4 assists.
    23 starts Ligue 1
    8 goals, 14 assists.
    Top 3 pb scores:
    338, 242, 228.
    On some set pieces so gets lots of assists so helps with his base score.
    A big month for him in auagust with Atalanta In the Europa league (favourites), also ligue 1 starting on 23rd august With psg at home to metz where I would fully expect them to rack up a cricket score.
    So, Di Maria has a chance at 5p In ipds every game he plays in August.
    In his last 4 ligue 1 starts he had a monumental 7 goal contributions.
    Plus a chance at pb every time he plays and will be in for a shout for totm with easy ligue 1 games too.
    I genuinely can’t think of a better player for the promo. Add your best promo pick below:

  • up 17p in last 24 hours, price you get him at ?

  • @nicky540 i already held some already at around 1.20 but bought some more around 1.17 and 1.21

  • @nicky540

    I topped up over the last few weeks via ME at 70p upwards but have taken this fortuitous burst of liquidity to sell, as majority of my holding are no longer IPD eligible. He posts decent PB scores but PSG aren't guaranteed to get past Atlanta & Ligue 1 isn't back until 23rd August, so I'll take the money & look to buy back in <£1 nearer the start of the season. Not a bad hold if you've got fresh IPD status but I've bought a few Cancelo with the proceeds (in spite of Pep roulette).

  • @Geronimo159387 there’s not Lon between champions league and ligue 1 start tho so not the end of the world if they get knocked out. The beatiy is he’s one of the new at holds im sepetember too

  • @Jdog said in Di Maria:

    ligue 1 start tho so not the end of the world if they get knocked out

    True but it would mean only 1 eligible IPD game in the 30 days, I rate him as a decent hold but believe there will be chances to buy back at a better price, given there was plenty of supply around the 70-75p mark just a few weeks ago & lots of todays buyers will be losing their 30 day IPD eligibility just as the season starts.

  • @Geronimo159387 Its not about holding for the dividends for me tho. I will be able to sell at around 1.40 at some point so thats a quick flip. If all goes super well he could go even higher. If he gets say 2 assists against atalanta that will be a hefty payout for people including pb so he will shoot up. I dont see a scenario where he isn't 1.50 after the game against metz. I also think PSG will score goals against Atalanta as their defence is weak

  • @Jdog

    Fair enough just different strategies; if he picks up an injury, plays poorly or holders realise he's 32 (within the last 12 months of his current contract) then his price is closer to £1 than £1.50 but that's the gamble! Hope it works out for you all.

  • @Geronimo159387 thats the same for anyone who gets injured during this promo tho. Ofc he's older but could return half his price in divs if bought at the right time and shares recycled etc. As i said 7 goal contributions in his last ligue 1 starts which if repeated would equate to 35p plus can easily get a gold day win etc. Plus totm candidate just gotta hope he doesnt get injured tbh. medium risk high reward for me

  • As much as I like your enthusiasm the last time PSG played Metz they won 2-0

    Not really a 'cricket score'

    How many Di Maria's you got listed ?

  • @Munchie63 0_1595602167977_Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 15.49.20.png
    I have 440 shares in di maria with none in the sell queue so less of the arrogant smart comment please mate. Secondly0_1595602271881_Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 15.51.04.png 0_1595602289981_Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 15.51.24.png
    It may not of been a cricket score your correct but as you thought it would be smart to reference that game i thought I would look into it. Guess what happened in that game smarty pants. May of only been two goals but di maria got two assists. I think you've got egg on your face here mate

  • lets revisit this thread after the metz game id be willing to bet you a lot of money that PSG improve on that two goals.

  • @Jdog wow you took that personally

    smarty pants

    cool. That takes me back some years.

    Apologies if I upset you by mentioning it might not be a simple cricket score, wondering if the mighty 12p he earned in PB last season will drive his price, and if he will see another 25p+ rise based on the fact he may earn 10/15p in dividends

    Thing about a forum is, you might get balanced arguments or different viewpoints. It's a gambling site, and thats what Di Maria is....a gamble on a 32yr old player staying fit, starting and contributing. If it works out you're 25% up and laughing.

    Enjoy the weekend

  • @Jdog BTW

    looking at that pic......maybe Thiago Silva is the buy.....at 33p max......scores goals and linked to PL transfer so MB too

  • @Munchie63 As you brought that game up id thought id check it out. If he was to repeat that performance then he would earn 10p in one game. Possibly pb as well which could be an additional 8/18p. I don't know where you got 10/15p because as i've said he averages a goal contribution a game which would equate to much more than 10/15p over a month wouldn't it smarty pants. I think di maria is much less of a gamble because he is 32 with a contract already in a pb league. Silva 35 and could pop off to China. Plus silva far less likely to contribute to a goal than di maria based off the stats. Come back to this thread when PSG put 5 past metz son

  • @Munchie63 also just like to let u know this is a gambling platform. As you highlighted that I was making a gamble

  • @Jdog very true

    the stats you put up were from 2017 though....not the game this season....in which Di Maria scored.

    moneys seems to be going into Di Maria so good luck and enjoy your weekend

  • @Jdog why the comebacks ?

    'smarty pant's and 'come back later son' ? pretty childish name calling for an adult betting site forum fella.

    I'm not a kid. Do you really have a massive issue with me saying he is a risk ?
    If Atalanta win, which IS possible, then he plays 1 CL game, then a gap before 1 L1 game before the 30 day IPD's are up

    But lets not clog up a thread that others may want to jump in on.

    good luck with your bet. I'm off.

  • @Munchie63 first of all u started this by initially being sarcastic for no reason. Secondly, you referenced the game from 2017 to try and disprove me and it further supported my point as he got 2 assists that game. Stats from 2 years ago aren’t too helpful but you brought it up not me.
    Just because the ipds will expire doesn’t mean u won’t get ca with this offer even if they get knocked out as people will be buying him for ligue 1 start due to this generous offer.

  • 🍿🍿🍿 @Munchie63 Please don't go, I've just settled down for the evening 🍿🍿🍿🍻🍻🍻

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