Mbappe off injured?

  • Not watching the game but live text reports mbappe gone off with a serious injury.

    Anyone know if hes out and gonna miss the Gold champions league & IPD, If yes surely Ney is a must have!

  • @NewUser607503

    No idea how bad, but taken off on the 33rd minute and replaced by Sarabia šŸ‘šŸ‘

  • He walked / limped off though (no stretcher), so top up time Iā€™d say.

  • LOL the suns trying to sell it as a madden curse now hes the fifa cover star!

    "Kylian Mbappe leaves pitch CRYING after horror tackle injures PSG star and sparks mass brawl"

    Hope hes ok. He needs to be earning some 5p's!

  • Carnage in that game first half. Kehrer and Mbappe off injured with 10 bookings 1 red.

  • @DJ-110 said in Mbappe off injured?:

    Carnage in that game first half. Kehrer and Mbappe off injured with 10 bookings 1 red.

    I'm only seeing 8 yellows and 1 red mate?

    Still, thats pretty fuckin wild ... only 49 mins gone.


  • Mbappe just came down tunnel on crutches, cant see him being fit for CL.

  • That was not pretty, mention of ankle ligaments. Kristof Terrur just tweeted a clip of the replay of the tackle, looks painful.

  • It will depend on how much of the ligament got damaged on a roll in like that, can also sometimes pull a bit of bone off, but he was weight bearing... Cross Country runners just stamp on it a few times and carry on.

    Sarabia could be a great ipd buy now though.

  • @Westy I've done my ankle ligaments several times and the worst time was when it pulled a scallop of bone off rather than snapping the ligament itself. Needless to say, I believe in "walk it off " treatment. Came off the pitch,couldn't continue but strapped it up and returned to work the next day tiling a roof! Bandage,tuba grip and work boots tied up tight!šŸ¤£ lasted 4 weeks like that before visiting A&E for an x-ray to reveal the fracture. They still did f-all and said Carry on doing what you are doing as it's started fusing back together!!!

  • Very coincidental that it's happened the day after I was debating Mbappe and other premiums value and risk versus reward and the risk of outfield players getting injured versus gks... Mbappe then does his ankle whilst donnarumma steals Def and star man

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