what now with PSG

  • well mbappe is definitely out a month at least and calvani too. So icardi starts most games?

  • By the looks of it Icardi was already in the first XI plans along with Mbappe, think Sarabia will be the player whom comes in but not sure if they will adjust formation.

    Looking at the PSG injuries and available players they will really need everyone on their best form to get past Atalanta.

  • Eric chupo moting time!

  • Buy Atalanta players

  • I've said it on another thread but I do wonder if PSG will struggle against Atalanta, even with a fully fit squad. I can't see how they'll be 100% match fit given they haven't played a competitive game for ages. Friendlies are all well and good but Atalanta are playing regular Serie A games and then have a 10 day rest between the end of the league season and the CL game.

    I do hold a number of PSG players so I would love to be proven wrong.

  • @Vaughany I think Atalanta will have the momentum.
    As you say, friendlies are all well and good, and they had 2 big wins in their first friendlies v L2 sides. Then a 4-0 v Celtic.

    It's a tough call. PSG have had time to rest their legs while Atalanta go into it off the back of a full season in a tough league.....albeit with a 10 day break.

    We saw last night what that break has done to PSG........playing 10 men for an hour and still only got the 1-0 win.

    PSG hammered Galatasary but apart from that game their CL games have all been close. Atalanta on the other hand have had no trouble scoring.

    Interesting game. BTTS and 3+ cards LOL

  • Although mbappe is a loss ofc.
    I think it will allow them to be more defesnively solid. Remember that usually iCardi, mbappe, Di Maria and Neymar normally play.
    However, now no mbappe isn’t playing they will more than likely play another midfielder so should be more defesnively solid. Also, they beat Dortmund in the 2nd leg without mbappe starting and I think 5 subs will benefit psg a lot as they hve a lot of squad depth. This is neymars time to shine for me and I think psg will do It

  • well if he goes down in price i know ill be topping up . there might not be a better opportunity

  • Looking a bit further ahead, with Thiago Silva leaving, does anyone know who is likely to slot in his place? Will they bring in someone new?

  • @FootballArgos kimpembempe or however u spell it or they may bring in someone who knows. Possibly koulibaly or someone else

  • @Jdog oh yeah fair shout, am intrigued as I think whoever it is will be in a good position to win PB from time to time

  • I bought into Tanguy Kouassi think he was the natural replacement to find he had signed for Bayern, lack of investigation on my part but a star in the making.

  • @Jdog ive bought into kimpkembe. i think he could be classy replacement

  • @jonathan-rolfe how u doing mate?

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