gabriel maghaelles

  • gabriel is one that seems to have gone under the radar. but has hit some really decent pb scores since coming into Lille in January. a french football podcast nominated him as the best player in ligue 1 post christmas ( probably vying with his teammate Sanches). he didn't seem talked about much on here and twitter but i really got into him after checking him out on youtube and sofascore. Very elegant defensive mid who likes to spray long passes from the back . Basically the heartbeat of the team. Now Man United and Arsenal are vying for his signature ( according to the mail) after everton showed earlier interested.

    the worse scenario is he stays and has season in Europe with Lille but if he comes to the Prem .... well who knows.

    average sofascore 7.05.
    touches per game . 74.7

  • @jonathan-rolfe pb average of exactly 100. only 1 goal scored so i can see him contending for divs on his best days. just needs to add the odd assist or goal

  • You say the worst scenario is he stays at Lille, but unless u fancy him to come to the EPL and become an MB magnet then I dont see the logic. EPL for MB, Ligue 1 for PB. His PB would likely be diminished in a much stronger league, this is even a genuine worry for Neymar, should he return to la liga, therefore its undoubtedly true for this fella

  • im saying hes a relative newcomer to ligue 1 who has been very rated over there even though on Fi hes not one people mention much and. As he enters his second season i believe he could flourish and start to threaten for pb on his peak days ( with assist or who knows a goal) . of my 35 odd french league holds hes of those i most rate for success next season. At 22 he is a good age and is widely believed to be a regular starter with Brazil from now on. As a long term hold he could have great prospects as he becomes better known. So if he stays with Lille i expect cap app with divs ( he is extremely consistent so could feature in TOTM ). Ofcourse divs wise i prefer someone like Marquinhos but this guy you can probably get for 85p. I was looking forward to him in ligue 1 but if he goes to prem even better.

    in short i rate him very highly and expecting good things from him. The prem would be a bonus

  • the bonus of prem would be the cap app . he is touted to be Maguires partner. he wont reach maguires price for obvious reasons but will certainly rise. maybe with a good price i sell but yeah mb possibilities would be good

  • @jonathan-rolfe cdms are notoriously bad for PB. What makes you think he will begin to add goals and assists and change that?

  • @Lukeroro im thinking hes in the mold of Rodri/ neves will rarely score but the 2 or 3 times they might do a season they have a great chance based on their pb base. neves is a bit more creative granted. To be honest his pb potential is secondary for me in terms of his attraction. More his age and my conviction that a top team will be in to get him soon

  • He's a CB not CDM

  • @Pez yeah . often playes role pushed up in lilles system so hes hard one to categorise. in lilles system hes not really either in a conventional sense

  • @jonathan-rolfe also launches attacks through his pinpoint lateral passes

  • @jonathan-rolfe this is a quote from an analysis from get french football news.

    As a centre-back for Christophe Galtier’s Lille, Gabriel sees a lot of the ball. On average, the 22-year-old completes the most passes per 90 for Les Dogues and is also the primary passing outlet when the team’s electric attackers try to beat an offside trap or break past opposing defenders. The likes of Nicolas Pépé, Jonathan Ikoné, and Victor Osimhen have all been on the receiving-end of Gabriel’s over-the-top long balls that attempt to find the streaking forwards.

    obviously Pepe has moved on


    Don't know how reliable that 58% is. I see him competing with Gbamin in either cb or cdm role.

  • the more i look at his pb ( 100 average) which is great for a 22 year old before hitting his prime the more i think this guy is a great buy. hes being talked about again today for Man united but even if he stays at Lille for me hes on for divs next season and in the champions league

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