Hi All, I am new to this and trying to learn as much as possible. I have a question if anyone could be kind enough to answer

  • Firsty, its great to be on board with everyone, this is an exciting forum becasue it links right in with my number 1 interest, its a great idea.
    Anyway I see that we buy share in the blue box and these are obviously higher than the sell shares in the pink box..... So for example lets say I buy a share for £10, am I then hoping that that players starts to overachieve and his sell share becomes a value of over £10 meaning i have bought for £10 but his sell share is now $10.50 I would have made 50p off this one share if i choose to sell it then? is that correct?
    I am correct to assume when putting your deposits in like with other stock markets, to make money this is a long game and not an instant cash money generator, and the potential to make more money could be increased by holding your shares in the player longer, and obviously vice versa.....

    Thanks kindly in advance for anyone who gives me the response i am looking for

  • @NewUser640619 hi and welcome; firstly best read the pin thread at the top which will give you a good understanding of how things work.

    But in short you are correct, but the key feature is the dividends players earn (or could earn in the future).

    There are plenty of ways to make money-

    Trade on short term rises
    Hold for long term capital appreciation
    Hold for dividend pay outs
    Trade media holds
    Trade transfer rumours

    The lust is endless and there is no right or wrong path to choose, regardless of what some of the more vocal members will tell you.

    Personally I like to spread my risk so I have a mix of the above, but mainly focused on earning dividends as that’s simply free money.

    Good luck

  • @NewUser640619 firstly, you're pretty much on the money with wanting to buy at x price and sell at a higher price, but theres more to it than that. U can sell for the blue box price but u have to list to market which often will still be pretty quick but at present things are a bit gridlocked for reasons you're very likely going to read about if u haven't already. If the pink box price is higher than your buy price, then yes you can sell instantly for profit, but the difference in blue box and pink box price is called the spread (I may sound a bit patronizing here, I don't know what your level of knowledge is, I knew absolutely jack when j started, not even the lingo), and accepting too wide a spread, too often will really hamper your progress.

    To use an example from my port, I'm 70p in the green on Kimmich, but the instant sell price would put me only 7p in profit, factor in 2% commission and I'd actually make a loss on what is a decent trade, so if I wanted to sell him, I would undoubtedly be listing to market and waiting.

    As for your other question about holding longer for bigger profits, well yes, generally speaking this will be true. But as you learn the trends, trader behaviour etc, you will find that you can spot a player who's set to rocket in price and sometimes make a ROI on these players in the space of a day or 2 that you've had to wait months and months for in other players you hold.

  • Hi and welcome to FI and the forum.

    My first advice to you is read the great thread called All things Football Index pinned to the top of the thread page. The more information you have the easier it is to work out how FI works. Some of the biggest mistakes made when starting out is over trading, lack of patience and understanding what makes a player go up and down. My advice would be to buy a single share in a few players and watch how they perform.
    There are many ways to make money you just have to find out what your most comfortable with.
    So good luck and enjoy

  • Hello mate, welcome to the forum

    Your right in what you've said about players prices increasing. You can have a little look at their price over the last year by clicking on the players name, and then using the option on the right to change the timescale. That will give you an idea on how they've moved (or dipped) over the last week / month / 3 /6/ 12 months.

    Its an odd time on the Index at the moment as we've had leagues end due to Covid, and the partial introduction of Order Books (The ME).

    Very important to remember when you buy a player you don't have to pay the top Buy price...you can make a lower offer. If not sure on that Do look through the help videos

    If you use Twitter I would recommend following a few accounts:
    Football Index Guide (FiG) is a great guy and does regular podcasts......worth watching if you're not sure about Order Books and buying / selling.
    Don't believe everything you read on Twitter though as some people like to promote their players as a great buy, just so they can sell them on to someone. you'll soon spot those people.

    Most on here are really, really helpful folk, so just ask if you're stuck on something.

    One last thing.....on your account you can edit your username.......give that a go as all you see are newuserxxxxxx but if you have an actual name we know who we are talking too.

    Good Luck trading

  • One quick thing I forget to mention........your Watchlist

    You can add players you're interested in to your Watchlist (click on the binoculars next to the players name).
    That means you can quickly and easily keep an eye on their price and if they are moving up/down etc without actually buying them and spending any money. By adding a few players you can watch them for a little while and see if your trading ideas are on the right track.

  • I'm pissed but remember to change your user name. Welcome long time tk the forum hi x

  • @Sav2000 thank you matey i ppreciate that. when you say you prefer the spread of risk, what do you mean by this?
    Thanks again for taking the time to reply

  • @MickTurbo cheers mick for that advice, when you say you the spread( your not patronising at all i appreciate the knowledge) are you saying buy trades where the blue and pink are as close as possibe? am I understanding you right?

  • @Mad4it brilliant advice - cheers.

  • @Munchie63 thanks for that advice, I did research that, and gave it a go and got 5 shares in a player for cheaper than the actual price - I dare say I am getting the hang of it, but thanks to everyone for taking time out of your day to give me advice it is very much appreciated.
    Here is to us all making a fortune over the next 10 years :-)

  • @NewUser640619 by spreading the risk in simple terms means I have my money spread across a number of players, different teams, different positions, different price points.

  • @NewUser640619 that could be seen as an indicator of a 'safe' trade, or a player who could imminently rise in price but I'm not necessarily saying you shouldn't buy a player with a wide spread. That may just mean they are off trend.

    Without looking, I dare bet that players in non CL/EL teams in italy or Spain currently have wider spreads than say players in teams from France or Germany that have up coming involvement in European competitions. This is because ppl are more anxious to get on these players as they have an up coming shot at some big divs, as well as their domestic leagues drawing close.

    There are new dynamics at hand as well currently. For example, I was hunting at the wknd for a player with a very tight spread, almost regardless of whom, so that I could get shot and cash in on the 15p in IPDs from Tierney.

    If for example, somebody I hold like Pulgar, who's fixtures are drying up, had had a very tight spread, I'd have dumped him and bought Tierney. Certainly other ppl will think this way, so the tight spreads or the most generous offers, will be gobbled up by holders who wand these huge IPDs. Equally, those with the generous bids in, might well have cancelled those bids, to get a cash balance in order to have bought Tierney, or Immobile for that matter, or KDB even. This is a new, but a temporary dynamic, which means that, particularly on match days, spreads on the whole are likely to widen, as big divs are on offer elsewhere.

    Therefore, I think a wide spread on a player does not necessarily denote a bad buy, but more that the masses are heading elsewhere at that moment.

    I've gone on a bit if a tangent here and I'm not really sure I've got my point across as concisely as I'd have liked, but I'm sure you can glean my meaning(s)

  • @Stevo how do i change my name?

  • @MickTurbo I see what your saying, there is not one perfect answer, it depends on the situation at the time and whats going on around the world, helpful thanks.

  • @Sav2000 I see, thats my current method, it felt unwise to put all my eggs in one basket straight away if you know what i mean.

  • @NewUser640619 these new in play dynamics are new to us all, but undoubtedly when a player has 15p worth of IPDs just waiting to be bought, then ppl will be inclined to IS whoever they can at a justifiable spread in order to get a piece of the action. That automatically makes spreads widen as all the decent bids are accepted/cancelled. It doesnt make that player a bad hold though.

    I had no joy finding a tight spread in my port to IS, but did certainly notice that where spreads had been narrowing, they definitely widened again. This IPD promotion is excellent, there no doubt about that, but the knock on effect is definite. It may be that its equally profitable to buy players cheap on the ME as the fire sale takes effect as it is to chase the IPD.

    But certainly if a player is a good prospect, then he remains so even if the spread widens. It's all just amplified at present by the massive IPDs on offer

  • @NewUser640619
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    then edit profile

    and you can change your username, add a photo etc

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