Value gone up but no profit selling?

  • So I am new to this? I bought share for robertson at £1.28 his value has gone upto £1.30 but I can only sell him for £1.26 can anyone explain because I have missed something?

  • @NewUser142987 that's if you instant sell. If you sell to market you can sell him for more. Bear in mind there is 2% commission on every sale. I'd recommended learning alot more about the platform. This video is a good place to start

  • Try to avoid instant selling as you can lose so much that way, especially as potential spreads can be quite big. It's 2% commission plus 1p, regardless of it being on the market or being instant sold, so try to go to market whenever you want to sell shares. When going to sell, you can place it in a sell queue and put a minimum reserve price on it. However you will not make any profit if he has only increased 2p.

  • Thankyou both of u sorry very new to it and obviously not as simple as I though it was guess I will do more research. Didn't even know there was a choice of instant sell or market sell

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