• Now that Villa have confirmed survival, do people still see him leaving? If so, to where? Don't see a place for him at Utd now.

    Currently holding mainly for transfer spec but don't see him attracting many headlines of he stays at Villa another year.

  • A move makes sense for his career and for Villa who can cash in on their only asset. Staying and fighting another inveitable relegation battle next year benefits neither of them. If he stays, he's being badly advised or being dominated by his heart.

  • He has been the driving factor in getting them promoted and then keeping them from relegation.

    He has given enough to the club and is leaving them in a decent position - also not running his contract all the way down and leaving Villa out of pocket. Clearly outgrown Villa now and given his loyalty to the club, now is the perfect time to move.

    There will be plenty of suitors for sure - can’t quite see him fitting into the United team though, maybe Spurs?

  • @Chris-J

    He doesn't strike me as a Mourinho Player though

  • @Advinculas-Index True - quite difficult to picture him at any other club but also can’t see him sticking at Villa.

    Definitely deserves to play for a CL club - would be a fantastic signing for Liverpool but not sure he suits their transfer strategy.

  • Can’t see him going anywhere now.

    He would have been cut price if Villa went down which would make him more attractive to teams looking for decent homegrown players.

    Always thought the United links were a funny one - where exactly would he play? The poster boy for Villa would be happy sitting on the bench until Bruno needed a rest?

  • Could see him fitting in Arsenal, as Ozil is clearly surplus to requirements and they lack a bit of creativity. With only EL football at best though next season, I don't see them being able to afford him.

  • It's a strange one, before United signed Bruno and had the upturn in form you would assume Grealish would have been part of the first XI, now it's hard to imagine him being anything other than backup. Would United pay 50m+ for a back up player?

    I personally think the moment for a big move has passed for Grealish and he will either stay at Villa given his links or have to force a move at a much reduced fee.

  • Could see him at City given Sane and Silva leaving. I don't think other teams would pay what we (Villa) would hold out for, and I can't see him trying to force a move - especially if it's not a CL team expressing interest.

    It will be an interesting summer for Villa. The owners are wealthy and this is where we will find out about how ambitious they are.

  • Now that Villa have stayed up, can see a Zaha-esque situation where he is priced out of most potential moves.

    Going to Man Utd may make the most sense - I suppose it depends if Grealish is willing to not necessarily be the first choice (although would expect a reasonable amount of game time, Dan James appears to have played 44 times this season!) and whether the club would be willing to make a big money move for more of a squad player.

  • Manchester United need quality squad depth so they can actually rest Bruno and Pogba. It's been clear how tired Bruno has been in the final few PL games. City have players like Mahrez, Foden and Bernardo Silva on their bench for many of their matches, these are players who would walk into the first team of many other Premier League clubs. Manchester United are a bigger club than City and they need to be able to attract a player like Grealish with the message "You can be a star at this club, but you will have to play your heart out if you want to play every week". They don't need to guarantee him a spot in the first team, they just need to guarantee him an opportunity to establish himself.

    Grealish will join Manchester United.

  • Can anyone see Man U getting both Grealish and Sancho? That must be the best part of £150 million plus, with covid do they have that kind of money...

  • @Marksandygill said in Grealish:

    Can anyone see Man U getting both Grealish and Sancho? That must be the best part of £150 million plus, with covid do they have that kind of money...

    United aren't short of a few quid, and there's gonna be a few sales going through to help offset any spending. Pereira, Dalot, Lingard, Rojo, Jones, Smalling, Sanchez off the top of my head are all surplus to requirements.

  • It all depends how they can structure the deals, utd rarely just pay a lump some of cash, its all loans IOU’S and add ons.
    Cash in The bank is different to being able to afford players.
    Can Man Utd afford both. - yes, will they pay cash no chance!

  • @Jimbob Pereira, Dalot, Lingard, Rojo, Jones, Smalling, Sanchez, thats at least £50 worth right there...😆

  • @Marksandygill even if they walked out of the door for nothing, it's nearly £1m a week off the wage bill.

  • @Jimbob yeah Sanchez must be on about half of that on his own!!

  • I got on Grealish when he was at £2.84 and he has gone up over £1 to £2.94, He doesn't seem to be fancied by Southgate and Villa aren't in Europe this season so was thinking about cashing in and investing the money into players who will get more Divs and IPD's.

    What would you recommend and what are your thoughts on him?

  • Outstanding talent who gets media and PB for a team on the up. Is likely to force Southgate's hand and end up in the Euro squad at a minimum, and could have a big move in him if Villa don't keep progressing. I'm holding for sure.

  • @Dragon4Life you are up ten p?

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