Clear out of port

  • So, I’ve decided to have a bit of a clear out after some deliberation on some players that didn’t quite work out. Deciding to get rid of Depay, Griezmann and Elvedi - all at a loss. Will probably recoup around £600 from sales. We go again

    Initially I bought them for Euros, and with griezmann hopefully a summer switch with Neymar to PSG, but all those plans are now out the window and I feel like I could better utilise the money for the start of next season instead of waiting for next year’s euros. I feel like I’m this situation it’s time to know when to cut losses

    I’m very tempted by Ziyech for Chelsea next season, but already hold a considerable amount of Werner at just under £2 profit per share, and am hesitant to go for 2 players from one team.

    Any other suggestions on who else to go for? Foden tempts me, considering David Silva is now gone, but that depends on whether City buy another midfielder. Reference - my port contains Neymar, Rashford, Brandt, Werner and Kimmich

  • Top end looks appealing with the current spreads, if your looking to go long term then from the players you've mentioned I'd go with Foden. Can't see why he won't be closer to £10 by Euro 2021 and upcoming season could be the real breakout one for him.

    Feel your pain on Grizemann, have 100 at £2.57, very hard to see that recovering while he's at Barca.

  • I do like Ziyech... I have been buying in drips and drabs last few weeks. I also hold Werner, but as they are different positions I don't see it as an issue them playing for the same team... He is a little risky as we do not know how he will adapt to the prem, whether he will get set pieces etc - but he has proven himself in the CL, so I am happy to take a bit of a risk on him at £3...

    Marquinhos from PSG should be a pretty solid hold for both PB and TOTM...

  • Foden all day long,I did the same as you yday..regarding rejig.Foden young,game time will increase,goals & assists Euros & Media... can get him cheap at the moment too.

  • I'd be careful making a rash decision that you may cost more than it should. The only reason I say is I have been quite actively trading between the spreads recently and seem to be able to flip small quantities of shares very quickly for 10% or profit. By all means cut your losses if you feel you need to, I'm just saying you should still time the exit because the IS price does move around.

  • @Andy if you are willing to accept losses and restructure as i also did, id suggest not looking so much at it from a football POV and opting to use a trading approach.

    We dont know what FI will do with sell orders or how Nasdaq will work but its fundamental for us as traders as small changes can have big impacts. I have my understanding of how it should work but we dont really know for sure how it will. For that reason i suggest just putting your money in very safe holds and forget about cap app for now.

    I opted for keepers because they are cheap and the upside far outweighs the possible downside plus all have a high probability of winning dividends so im not worried to much if are negatively affected by any upcoming changes

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