PB Help?

  • I have a couple of questions regarding Performance Buzz and if anyone can help me then i'd be greatly appreciative.

    On the 22nd August there are only 5 matches being played from qualifying leagues for Performance Buzz, Champions League Qualifiers. There are only players from Napoli that are on the top 200 list that can qualify for Performance Buzz on the 22nd August.

    Will Performance Buzz still be awarded?
    Does it only qualify as 1 match as the other matches have no players on the list?
    If there is only 1 qualifying Defender playing on that day, do they automatically win Performance Buzz?

  • Also interested to know. If PB is paid on this sort of occasion, I can see huge short term spikes in price, so be careful holding on.

  • I guess it will be paid. Confirmation would be good though as will make for good investment opportunities.

  • Going off the basis of what Football Index have put up in regards to payouts for this week, Wednesday & Thursday will be treble Media buzz. I can only assume that there will be NO payouts for performance buzz from players that are playing in the Champions league/Europa league qualifiers which is bitterly disappointing.

  • @Hybrid....I agree that it is disappointing, the fact that they state that they will include Champions League/Europa League matches in the Performance Buzz but they fail to mention that this does not include qualifying matches (unless it is stated somewhere and i've missed it)


  • @NewUser41151
    Well they aren't champions league or europa matches in fairness. They are qualifiers

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