My strategy for profiting off Transfers (short video)

  • Hi guys seeing as they are trending i just thought id share my strategy around transfer rumours.

    Now this wont suit everyone and im not saying this is the best way, its just what works for me and maybe some of you can take some ideas going forward

    Link below 👇

  • Sound advice mate, and like you I also joined the index last summer, and got burnt a few times myself but have learned a lot since then and worked out how a lot of the trends work. So good effort for taking the time to post something to help out the newer traders that have have yet to experience transfer season rumours. In response to what you was sing in your video, as a wise man once told me, you only need to be on the bus for one or to stops, you don't have to do the whole journey.

    Also another bit of advice i would like to add to that, is especially this early from the window, a lot of rumours go full circle and more than once just look at say Bernard, few days back and Stone this morning, So if you suddenly see yourself in the red on a player or spot negative news, don't feel like you have to panic sell, do a quick risk asset first, where did the news come from, whats the likelihood of it happening, will you Bernard for this example, the news that came from a Ghana news article saying he had more or less signed for a Turkish team, his price suddenly drop 20p+ , quick risk assessment i weighed up why would a player of his ability go to turkey at 25 yrs old when anyone in Europe would blow whatever wages turkey can afford out of the water, so i used that opportunity to top up, next day new rumours AC Milan are now favourites to sign him, and before we get close to the business end of the season there be more english rumours as well, so try not to panic and just because you see a huge drop i will guarantee, few days week later there will be more rumours saying the opposite and chance are he'll be back in the green again.

  • @SMacFI Thanks Steve

    You make Some excellent points in your reply which i would also advise traders to consider too

  • how do you get that pie chart sessayon bit of the clip ?

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