Edinson Cavani - Worthless?

  • Possibly the first real example since IS went that a player loses 100% of his value instantly.
    Interesting to see what reaction there is.
    Leeds were interested, but according to reports he's going to Benfica.
    For clarity, I do not hold - thank fxxk!

  • @Dronny-Gaz he still has some dividend potential as Benfica will be in Europan competitions and be may still be kicking around for thr World Cup. I do however agree people may take quite the hit on this, maybe once the other side order books are in you will be able find a price people might be willing to take the risk.

  • going to be the first of many, older players moving to non PB leagues and players retiring, any player aged around 30 that isn't returning 25-30% divs per year will just be suicide!!🤷‍♂️

  • Knowing us we'll finish 3rd in the CL group stage and then get a few rounds of EL before knocked out, so plenty of divs still to be earned for Cavani. He watched us beat Sporting 2-1, but we missed a hatful of chances and Seferovic has only scored 4 times this season.

    I think earlier in the year he was linked with the MLS so it could always be worse for holders!

  • @BenniiP
    Hi mate. Assuming your knowledge of the Portuguese league is greater than mine.
    Is Fabio Silva the real deal? 👍

  • @Dronny-Gaz He's still raw, really tricky to tell at this stage. Porto still need money, so he'll be sold at some stage, but maybe not until next summer.

  • I believe there is an outside chance AS Roma could secure his signature.

  • @Dronny-Gaz As mentioned above in the comments he is definitely not worthless. European competition dividends are not to be underestimated. It is however unlikely that anyone will be willing to offer a bid in the bidding window (minimum 54p) which means it is going to be very unlikely that anyone will be able to instant sell. It will be interesting to see how FI play this. Will they just leave him there with no IS option. From a personal point of view i would say his value is somewhere between 15-30p given his age.

  • Just looked and see there is a bid if 60p up for him right now, guess a few will still be able to get out

  • Being linked to Bayern as back up to Lewa by le10sport in France

  • This is exactly what I mean though.

    With the Mbappe injury he could have stayed at PSG a bit longer and potentially scored the winner in the Champions League Final.

    He could have signed for Leeds, grabbed goals and helped them establish themselves in the Premier League.

    Or he could go to Benfica.

    Don't tell me it's a bad trade if I think it's 1 or 2 but unfortunately ends up 3.

  • It really is off putting to buying any player now... At any point they could retire, go to a non pb lg etc, transfer window will be very scary for a big port trying to track any rumours to non pb before the masses find out, if one slips through the net its a potential massive loss to eat quickly into any profit elsewhere... This will lead to quitters or worse chasers- traders will try to force profit elsewhere to quickly make amends.

    Going to have to set Google alerts for 170 odd players... This summer might kill off my phone.

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