Angel Gomes linked with Lille

  • Angel Gomes been linked with a move to Lille today.

    What are we thinking, is that a good or bad move for him? Looks like he'll be moving to a PB league and playing Europa league football - What does this move do to his price?


  • David, Morelos, Gomes - is anyone not going to Lille??

  • Good move for him if it happens.
    Easy league, i am expecting a bit of an exodus out of Lille this summer so angel coming in on a free to fill the gaps left makes sense, with their attacking style of play he could do well but more importantly this is a chance to prove himself which is what you want for his long term price provided that he does not flop but at least by then you will know one way or another.

  • As long as he's playing regularly in a PB league, I'm happy. If he sets the league alight, Man U might have to buy him back for a fortune as they did for Pogba!

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