Greenwood & Rashford

  • Thoughts on Greenwood atm? Is Sancho joining a worry for his price with more rotation? Future star, England debut media next summer, Europa coming up. Interested to know how people think his price will get on short/medium/long term?

    Same with Rashford, but personally think he's safer as still young, England regular, and guaranteed United starter. Overall a good season and should come back firing next year after a rest. Think he has done well given coming back from an injury and playing 2-3 times a week. He carried United before Christmas. Plus all the MB.


  • I don't think there is a problem with either Greenwood or Rashford. Just the fact that greenwood can cover in all 3 positions means he will get game time. Man Utd need Sancho for the UCL campaign next year, the number of high difficulty games next year means we need as much as we can get. Also with added rotation it will mean that we don't have to run our players into the ground as we have had to do this season. Further more Sancho coming into an attack that scored over 60 goals combined its only going to improve matters, the amount of assists he is going to provide for the likes of Rashford, Greenwood etc is going to be insane.

    Honestly i think that whether you hold Rashford, Greenwood or Sancho or even Martial the future is bright, it really cant go wrong (famous last words)

  • I think Rashford might get found out next season.
    He's played so many minutes for a 22 year old and he's not progressed for me.

    When he got that back injury and FINALLY had a spell out of the team - we looked so much better without him.

    He's too one dimensional for me. Martial and Greenwood ability wise are streets ahead.
    His work rate and mentality is good tho.

  • @Chap might get found out 🤣🤣
    If it wasn’t for Rashford Utd wouldn’t be in champs league

  • @Chap Did you watch the 4 month period of the season where he carried the Utd team?

    It's a game of opinions but crikey that's a bad one.

  • @Collymore10

    what have u been watching. I think that's down to Bruno somehow...

  • @NewUser609530

    Yeah I don't remember him ever doing that as soon as martial got injured they went to shit

  • @Chap pre Bruno? Aug - jan?

  • @Collymore10

    weren't they about 6th and way off the champs league

  • @Chap would of been even further if not for Rashford

  • Well they got better when he wasn't in the team....

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