Will mighty Mo be the next FI neymar?

  • So since the 1st January this year mo salah has been piling on the dividends

    17 mb wins
    3 mb runner ups
    2 pb wins
    1 star pb win

    that's £1.46 in dividends in 4 months. So the question is if he keeps up this form into next season are we seeing the new FI neymar?

  • Is he the highest dividend earner of the year Noir??

    I think a CL win and an incredible tournament with Egypt (who's to say they can't pip Russia to second behind Uruguay in Group A??) will see his value rise even further (maybe eclipsing Neymar briefly) but key to all the questions is can he repeat his feat next season???

    True World Class players can do it over a number of years and whilst I believe Salah is World Class (especially with his form so good) I hope that he can deliver as much next season because a) it's fantastic to watch and b) It's much harder to do over a longer period of time (which stands Messi & Ronaldo away from the rest)...

    Another 10-20 goals from August onwards and we might be talking about the new Balon d'Or winner and who's to say his FI value by 2019 can't reach double as much as it is now???? The only worrying thing is if he leaves Liverpool for Real Madrid and his price drops down!!!

  • Would have been star player last night but I have a sneaky suspicion that Klopp is invested in Firminho ;-D

    Still can't believe Firminho got 5pts for a toe poke tackle just before being subbed, was shouting for him to bring him down :-D oh well, win some, lose some!!!

  • @AT10 hahaha i was watching and refreshing as every minute Firmino was on the pitch longer he got closer to Salah's score... Could have been a clean sweep but for Klopp (who shares the same dentist with Firmino as well i think)... I also think if he kept Salah on for longer they might have got more goals and conceded less... Don't see Barca take Messi off much? or Real Madrid with Ronaldo?? Considering it was less than half time in the tie I was surprised at the naivety shown in that decision???

    Oh well.... At least he's all fresh now for mighty Stoke!!!!!

  • 4 points off from top pick for all dividends! Gutted! Only 2p from overtaking Messi and hitting the number 2 spot though! Won’t be long now. How do you reckon his price will change in the few weeks between end of season to the WC?

  • Been very impressed with the way he seems to dominate MB even when he's not doing anything, in a way only a few others do - Pogba, Neymar.

    So I'm definitely getting some more in advance of a few weeks of treble MB. If others are thinking the same then his price will keep going up !

  • I have sold all of my 300 shares I had in Mohammed Salah . I got have earned a further £100 if I hadn’t sold.

    I am so tempted to buy back . He just keeps going up and keeps on winning MB nearly everyday .

    What do you thing guys is it worth investing in him again?

  • i brought at 1.70 and sold at 2.50 then brought at 2.70 and sold at 3.50 then brought at 3.80 then brought some more at 9.00..... one of those players as the season went on that I thought his form will dip eventually... but it never did... so on that basis if he keeps playing as he's playing then why shouldn't hie value keep rising???

    I wouldn't personally buy any more at 9.51 because i have what i need for now... But if i didn't have any regardless of the price I would certainly want some on a MB basis alone.... Maybe his value will dip during and after the WC as Egypt surely won't go too far... So i'll be reviewing his position very closely between say July & August!!!

    My only fear which i've said before is 'can' he repeat the awesome season he's had this year in to next???

  • @NewUser81859 said in Will mighty Mo be the next FI neymar?:

    I have sold all of my 300 shares I had in Mohammed Salah . I got have earned a further £100 if I hadn’t sold.

    I am so tempted to buy back . He just keeps going up and keeps on winning MB nearly everyday .

    What do you thing guys is it worth investing in him again?

    What would be targeting in term of a return and what is the opportunity cost? eg. If you're spending £951 in pursuit of £100 profit, can you deploy that £951 better for more profit in a different set of players?

  • I regret selling tbh and am buying back lol..

    I do believe he will be in the top 3 media nearly every single day abd through out the summer and again transfer rumours etc ,

    I hope I have made the right choice 😬

  • @NewUser81859

    Plus I expect more money to be put back in after the next traders Meeting on all top players

  • I'd still reinvest. Yes money could be made elsewhere but, as others have argued, MB, while never guaranteed, is more predictable than PB, speculating on which transfers will actually go through, who will be the hidden gem of the WC etc... and with more MB will come price rises.

  • Selling and re-buying seems ok to me if i just treat them as completely separate transactions, with different information, at a different time, on their own merits

  • How much do people think his price will fall post WC after the transfer wi doe shuts? Personally, I think his price will keep rising now, treble MB will almost guarantee dividends whether its 1st, 2nd or 3rd. After Egypt eventually go out, there will still be transfer spec, but I think he won’t leave this summer and so when it gets to 11:01pm after the transfer window shuts and he remains a Liverpool player, how much of a decline in value do you expect?

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