Havertz & Perisic

  • Thinking of buying in for the MB and because he’s not a great player, but I’m worried he may suffer the Werner style drop when completes a move to Chelsea. Can he sustain £6 price, particularly with Ziyech far cheaper?

    Perisic - seems a bargain it does move to Utd, even with rotation. But is 31 and aren’t Utd moving away from old players? Not much news about it which suggests it isn’t a runner, otherwise I think papers would be all over it. Even so, plenty of other destinations for him that may make him a good hold?

    Info/advice on both would be great thanks.

  • @chaps1988 I have a holding in Perisic so can give you my reasoning there.

    Obviously not fancied by Conte at Inter in the LWB role because he's defensively not sound enough.

    It's seems inevitable he will move on. We have the euros in 2021 & the world cup in 2022.

    He's 31 so will be probably be targeting these 2 competitions before holders have to start worrying about his age.

    So where does he go? He long been linked with the PL & it very well may be on his bucket list.

    I've heard the rumours about the Sanchez/Perisic swop & it does make sense for both clubs. Sanchez & Perisic aren't wanted by their current owners & both would do a job at their proposed new clubs.

    Sanchez has been in great form recently & Perisic would be happy to be first reserve for Manchester United's front 3 & most importantly wouldn't hinder the development of Greenwood.

    He (Perisic) is good at the game, PB wise - he gets plenty of crosses in ☑️ & I think he's won top midfielder 7-8 times in the past.

    With the matrix not changing & 18p on offer for top midfielder/star man next season he does look like a bit of a bargain.

    Even if it's not United he could easily end up at Spurs (Mourinho is a known admirer) or somewhere like Arsenal, Everton or Newcastle.

  • @Ericali ok thanks. Would you say Utd reserve with media or going to a Spurs etc would be better? Unlikely to win any PB at Utd if not playing much and not on set pieces.

  • @chaps1988 said in Havertz & Perisic:

    @Ericali ok thanks. Would you say Utd reserve with media or going to a Spurs etc would be better? Unlikely to win any PB at Utd if not playing much and not on set pieces.

    Logically, PB wise he's probably better off playing at Spurs or Everton every week.

    But at Manchester United MB wise he will be over a £1 easily & probably a lot closer to £1.50+.

    Don't forget Ighalo hit £2.20+ as a rotation/back up striker playing solely for the No.9 role & Perisic will be first reserve for 2 positions (both wings) so would realistically get more game time.

  • I can imagine the Perisic Sanchez swap happening, more because of the positivity it would bring to the squad and fan base getting Sanchez off the wage bill. Sancho and Perisic could both get a decent wage out of what Sanchez allegedly earns. Having said that, the original Perisic links were on Jose's watch, when we were putting more crosses into the box for Lukaku. Anybody know much about Sanchez's ego? Not sure how he would feel about continually getting swapped around like a shite panini sticker.

  • @Jimbob the original links with Perisic were indeed with Mourinho - but there have been plenty of fresh links over the past 24-48 hours.

    Just have a look on Google for plenty of different sources. 👍



  • @Ericali I know, you mentioned it first over a week ago I believe, before the national press were reporting it. Wouldn't be unheard of for the press to recycle a story though, Gaitan, Schneider, Bale etc. I've got 700 Perisic so certainly wouldn't be against a United move.

  • @Jimbob yeh, I heard whispers of the proposed swop deal the weekend of the 11th July through a friend.

    I posted about it on Twitter on the 16th July but it only really got to the national press a couple of days ago.

    One to keep an eye on. 👍

  • And thoughts on Havertz price if moves to Chelsea which seems inevitable?

  • I've held perisic for a while, if he goes to utd he's only going 1 way even with his age factored in!

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