Dejan Lovren

  • Now that he's left Liverpool, to a non-FI league... it'll be interesting to see what happens to him.

    At the moment, he's a 31p buy and not able to sell. I wonder if FI will step in at some point?

    I don't hold any shares in him, but I'll be watching!

  • This is a classic example of how minimum bid price is reducing market liquidity.
    Despite moving to a non-PB league, Lovren is still only 31 and will have opportunities to win PB with Zenit in CL and potentially during Euros with Croatia. Also a return to a PB league further in his career is not impossible.
    Given that, there could be people willing to risk say 5p/share, as any gold day win would see an immediate 200% RoI. Likewise, there may be traders willing to get out at this price, as it's better then 0.
    Now, the lowest bid you can place on Lovren is 14p, which I can't see anyone being willing to offer.

  • Who wouldn't risk it on the best defender in the world?!😆

    Lots of players are going this way, going to be riskier especially with older players, i wonder how much money is now sat in players that can't be sold?

  • Is this not what makes this a bet/gamble?

    If Sancho was hit by a bus tomorrow (god forbid) and career was finished everyone would lose there whole bet, no?

  • @trig that's how I would view it. I bought Lovren at 35p pre annoument of ME and managed to sell via ME at 18p a few days ago. I took a loss but I also acknowledged I took a gamble (as I do with every player purchased) and actually view the 18p as a lucky escape.

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