£15k on GK's!!

  • Hi guys,

    I currently have 200-325 shares in around 50+ GK's already.

    I have a couple of large deposits over the next two days which I am thinking on to topping up on GKs, but I was hoping for some help on choosing which ones to go BIG on.

    Please post your selections and I will probably go with the majority! 😎


  • I personally like Szczesney; 31, Juve's number 1, CL football and 3 games left for them this season? I bought at 75p and he's risen to 88p - still think good value though. Had the Clean Sheet Dividend from the weekend which was a nice bonus too.

    I see Tom Heaton trending this morning, he's cheap if he will be Villa's number 1 next season. Don't hold - but interested to see if many do?

  • I still moving into GK (if anything finally sells!)

    But I sorta like the 60/30/10% structure.

    60 into your top GK Young names hopefully getting Dividends, Ederson / Alison / Donnaruma ect.

    30 into established first choice GK but older that I want to get out of over next season. Think Handanovic / Mandanda ect.

    10 into Question mark players, Players that might be first choice or not or benefiting from injuries. Think Zentner (1st Choice since restart), Ospina (New manager doesn't like Meret) and Bounou (Manager speeking of highly due to starting for injuries). That I think will rapidly grow given the circumstances around them making them 1st choice and likely to switch prices with the other GK at the club.

    The issue is now I would want to buy closer to restart and miss out on capital appreciation in exchange for IPD due to the prices the divs can get a 20% discount. Espically as the market is so stagnent I cant sell and rebuy (with a huge losses if I am stuck in the market order selling freefall!)

  • @Number5 my personal favourite of all my GK holds is Donnarumma. Very young plus tends to do well for PB infact he won PB just a few days ago

  • @Black-Wolf said in £15k on GK's!!:

    @Number5 my personal favourite of all my GK holds is Donnarumma. Very young plus tends to do well for PB

    Yes, I was very pleased to see him win PB the other day. Came as a very welcome surprise (especially winning the overall PB) and a useful early return on my investment .

  • @Black-Wolf said in £15k on GK's!!:

    @Number5 my personal favourite of all my GK holds is Donnarumma. Very young plus tends to do well for PB infact he won PB just a few days ago

    Great 3 year hold, sit back and let the dividends drip in and sell him for more in 3 years time when gk dividends will be probably double what they are now.

  • @Boris999 yeah and the star man. It was a very pleasant surprise considering i wasn’t expecting any PB wins from my leepers until September

  • Tom Heaton seems ridiculously underpriced.
    Didn't get the initial GK price boost due to injury and Aston Villas precarious position.
    Villas number one and will no doubt be kept busy again next season.

  • @Highfields96 I have 200 in Szczesney, I got him at 71p. So he has done well for me as well

    Tom Heaton is a good shout, I was initially avoiding him as I didn't know if Villa would be staying up at the time I bought rest of my keepers

  • @Number5
    At that price he has to be fancied.
    I think Prem keepers will be easily £1 come the new season.
    Some are well above that already.

  • @NewUser607503 Up until now I have avoided the £1+ keepers i.e. Ederson / Alison / Donnaruma ect but I think now with them still being great value I may have to dip into that area of the market

    I have generally tried to avoid the older GK's with the fear of not being able to sell them after, so I am cautious with those

    Meret is one that screwed me a bit, as I have 200 in him expecting hi to be 1st choice but not looking likely, but he is young so long term hold

    I get I will miss out on some IPDs, but I am hoping I will make that in CAP by getting in early via ME while others are targeting the summer promo and selling off

  • @Black-Wolf I was initially avoiding him because of the price compared to other GKs, but I think there seems to be quite a high opinion of him so far. Might just have to get me some!

  • @Dronny-Gaz deffo agree on all of your points, it was the reason why I never went for him initially as well. At that price I can't see how it can go wrong!

  • Heaton could be in the England mix too if he gets back to his best after injury. I picked up a few shares in him at 10p.

  • @StephenD my only worry is that he is 34...I try to make 32 as my GK cut off

  • If you're buying in the season you have to factor in IPD and so clean sheets are a necessity.
    However, long term it's probably your 'busier' keepers who are going to score you more points.

    Ederson, Alison will get you the clean sheets but may not have a save to make in the game!

    One first team premier league keeper being nearly £2 and another being 24p seems way off.

  • @Number5 Yes, that is the downside. As a GK he could be playing for another few years yet but his injury was a pretty bad one.

  • @Dronny-Gaz I agree, for the PBs it not all about just just clean sheets - the saves really add up as well

  • @StephenD I think I might get some of him, hopefully catch the rise and then sell off. Don't think I would go big on him

  • Sportiello is interesting at Atalanta, but you're relying on 1st choice Gollini getting the transfer.
    Not pumping my holds, but obviously if I rate I'm going to have bought! 👍

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