Players with no sell price at the moment

  • not sure what this tells us - but currently the highest one is ranked 862
    and it looks like someone purchased a few hundred Yaya Toure's yesterday....


  • @Advinculas-Index
    Surprisingly, given their age and potential, I saw that Serdar and Zakaria had no sell price about a week ago.

    A case of out of sight, out of mind? Neither are GKs, media darlings or playing during the IPD promo so traders not interested. If I had spare funds, I'd certainly be topping up on Zakaria and buying into Serdar.

  • One on that list has been dead for 18 months.

  • This is not a complete list though, how about

    47 Billy Gilmour *
    76 Ruben Loftus-Cheek
    118 Domicic Calvert-Lewin
    126 Gareth Bale *

    49 Odion Ighalo *
    141 Ross Barkley
    420 Michail Antonio

    • are players who haven't had sell prices when I've looked for a while. Strange how many Chelsea are there, guess people are expecting a lot of competition for match time next season.

  • @NewUser565183 I managed to sell Ighalo a couple of days ago after months of no sell price, knowing my luck he will bang in 10 goals during the IPD promotion period!😆

  • @NewUser565183

    They had bids in at the point on which i ran it


  • @Advinculas-Index said in Players with no sell price at the moment:

    not sure what this tells us -

    It tells us your filter does not capture all players with no IS! Apart from those mentioned by @NewUser565183 there is



    There were a lot more from players in PB leagues in the fringes or usually on the bench, but since FI brought in the MM, these have disappeared.

  • @Advinculas-Index That is a bit strange. As I say half of those I mentioned never seem to have offers when I've looked. I guess if you want to get a sale you need some kind of alerting software/bot.

  • So just for my understanding what happens to these players? Will they get removed from the platform and replaced with IPO’s at some point? Where do they go?

    Where do they go my lovely? Where do they go ? I wanna know... my lovely

    I’ll get my coat 🙃

  • I think there is an issue with the source data tbf which im getting from a site called index alerts

    • i ll check with the guy who runs the site
      as @londoner said with Banega i dont think there has been any bids on him for weeks but he is currently showing as 47p just now on what is supposedly a live feed

  • Maybe it's going against the grain a bit but I don't see no IS on some players as a disaster - I think it might be better in the long run for some traders not to IS for peanuts. I can see why some people consider some money better than no money, hopefully they're able to use that released money on more lucrative trades.

    I have noticed that FI widened the bid range for Antonio recently after shrinking it so I wonder if they'll do the same for other players - presumably this may attract more bidders and/or encourage market maker involvement.

  • When I sold Ighalo he had no buy price shown but when I clicked on the sell it had a price there, could be the same issue that the sell price shown is often different from when you actually click on it (often a few pence higher?!)

  • @Marksandygill when did you put him up for Sale? Mines been on since 28th May.

  • @DJ-110 sold him on Monday, I think it was at 98p per share so well below what I paid!

  • The feed appears to be working now....


  • Just got rid of my David Santons at a big loss but i figure i have more chance of it making it back than the player recovering and then being able to sell him.

    Anyway to the point of all this. I sold 550 of him before there were no more bids and was left with still 50 to sell but an hour later the bids had been replenished with another 300 available. This could only be FI via their market makers as i cant imagine there was ever this amount of demand for Santon so its clear market makers are offering bids throughout the entire market within reason

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Players with no sell price at the moment:

    The feed appears to be working now....


    This looks really good as when you see a drop in your port it's hard to know which player(s) have dropped without going through them all. Is this something you set-up yourself and I guess it links into and grabs the live data from FI?

    Is it available or for sale? haha

    EDIT: Actually ignore that as I've just realised it's not for your port it's just showing players trading trends.

  • @Erased-Citizen

    I use this site - which is free to get the source data and it lets you set up your own portfolio on there (a bit like setting up a watchlist)
    so i have set up a spreadsheet for my Port which im finding invaluable at the moment - i just copy and paste the data from the site.
    i also have a separate tab on there to use for if i want to import other specific datasets

    I keep on tweaking it and modifying it but this is the latest version which shows me my current Port value based on Buy Price /IS Price - ive also included a "Mid price" which is half way between the 2 and i guess probably the most realistic in that it assumes being able to MS half but having to IS half. - drop us a dm if you want a copy.

    The example below is sorted by the last 1 hour movements


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