Nicolas Pepe - Next season

  • Please can I have some opinions on Pepe as a buy for next season? I think he has shown promising signs in year 1 and Arteta looks to be gradually turning things around at Arsenal.

    Has he got £3+ potential?

  • In my opinion as an Arsenal fan and holder... Yes! Will take a lot of left sided set pieces, scores goals and makes assists. The big problem for him this season has been that Arsenal have been awful and hasn’t helped him to find any consistency.
    Only worry for me would be if Willian joins it may restrict his game time and set pieces a bit. I won’t be selling though.

  • Probably no european football And no euro’s to build on will hamper him flying up unless he turns into a pb monster, risky for me.

  • Can post some huge Pb scores but he’s been woefully inconsistent this season, kinda mirroring Arsenal’s season. Think Arteta is the man to turn Arsenals fortunes around but from what I’ve seen so far, he’ll concentrate more on a solid defensive team shape and hopefully rely on the likes of Pepe Auba et al to conjure some magic in the final third.

  • I would be all over him if Arteta got a full pre season and a normal transfer window to improve the squad. The issue, This year is not going to be normal espically if they win the FA cup and have europa league qualifiers to deal with. The issue with being "high ceiling / low consistancy" is that hes not gonna win a TOTM but rather pick up match day Divs, which not only are less but have less attention put on them so less capital growth.

    Personally hes one of the player I will be looking at into 21/22 even if hes risen in price by then. I rather less risk when I can be investing in other assets.

  • I think he needs more of a target man or deep lying centre forward than you currently have to really flourish. That way you'd see him getting past the striker and scoring a lot more. I don't think he fits that well in your current system.

    However if Aubameyang goes and you sign someone who can hold the ball up a bit better I think he could flourish.

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