Re-buying players for IPD is it worth it...

  • Okay so trying to work this out in my head, hopefully I'm right!?

    So I hold Rashford for over 30 days, if he score or assists then I think its worth selling and re-buying;

    Original buy price £5.50 x 10 shares (£55)
    Sell price 10 x £7.11 less £1.42 (2% commission) is £69.68

    New buy price £7.79 x 10 is £77.90

    So i have to deposit £8.22 to buy 10 shares
    Total cost for 10 shares is £55 + £8.22 = £63.22

    So by my maths as long as I believe Rashford will stay above a sell price of £63.22/10 so £6.32 it's worth rebuying to earn dividends?

    Am I right or miles off?

  • I have a question also....

    If I hold 100 Ronaldo and run out of 30 days then buy another 100 will FI recognise that I have 100 should be available for 30 days of IPD?

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  • @Marksandygill so at present your 10 rashers are worth £77.90. You're gonna IS to re-coup £69.68, diminishing your port value by £8.22. You're then gonna deposit £8.22 in order to replace them and harvest IPDs.

    To recoup the £8.22 from 10 shares, rashers is gonna have to have 16.4 goal involvements in the next 30 days just for you to break even

  • Isn't it 5p per goal or assist. So your 10 shares will get you 50p per goal/assist. Meaning he'd need to score 17 times for you to be in profit?

    Even if you sold and bought at the same price due to the commission you'd need 3 g/a to break even. So probably only really worth it if you can play the spreads and buy for less than you sold for.

  • @MickTurbo Beat me to it, obviously a bit quicker with the maths than me. Guess that's why they call you Turbo.

  • Right approach would be to sell Rashford at £7.11 (or a better IS when available) and then try and buy back at 10p to 15p lower to cover the commission then enjoy the 30 days of IPD's. Any other way you lose money or break even.

    Remember that the actual IS price might be higher than the IS displayed, especially if selling in low quantities.

  • @GDS no mate I'm named after that racing snail from that cartoon a few years ago, just a nickname I was given. I tend not to be in a rush

  • @Marksandygill
    Hi mate, you will be depositing that further c£8 to win IPD’s - from 10 shares he will need to earn 80p worth of IPD’s in the 30 days to breakeven...16 goals or assists. The only way this would be viable would be to buy back at the equivalent post commission sell price through ME. Ideally sell at market price but buy back cheaper through ME though. You would effectively need to renew the shares without needing to make further deposits to make it worthwhile. If you can make a profit on sale and re-purchase along the way even better - more likely by trading within the spread than through market sell at the min though. Hope this make sense!

  • I used to try to buy at under a quid for IPD flips, so arguably it could almost be feasible to be flipping £5 players during this promotion but certainly no more than that, and u dont really even need to go that far when there are players like Lukaku, Lewandowski etc at £2 odd. I think these are the value really because they put up very good numbers but their price would preclude them from being IPD flips in the general run of things, but every trader on the platform would be IPD flipping these guys if they were priced at 40 odd pence, which arguably for these purposes, they temporarily are. I hold neither though. Alternatively u can buy somebody like Handanovic at the equivalent of 12p.

    I'm talking here in terms of commission vs IPD value

  • @MickTurbo
    Immobile another good one too mate. The other way I look at it is that it’s not as easy to flip as it once was due to exit, so I’m trying to use it to top up on players I’m willing to hold if ideal exit isn’t there.

  • @wolves86 always a sensible approach with any flip. If you dont nail the timing you're gonna be holding, so can you live with that?

  • @MickTurbo
    Exactly mate - more so now than ever!

  • Yeah I thought I might have gone mental, I'm just seeing my initial investment and new investment are still less than the value of the new shares so it made sense!

    So if the gap between sell and buy price were lower and I could recoup from IPDs then that makes sense to sell and re buy?!

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