Android app

  • Is there an Android app yet, and if not, anyone know when it's coming?

  • @NewUser139033 I think Adam Cole said before the World Cup on the last Twitter Q&A. Most specific they've been with it I think so fairly hopeful although it's been a long time coming.

  • Soon,
    First Quarter of 2018,
    Before World Cup,
    Very Soon

    Software peeps shouldn't really give timescales when they literally haven't the foggiest.

  • Get an Iphone🤣

    Seriously FI have it in beta and coming soon - so is Christmas and so is the next Berahino goal.

    FI is great, but have an Achilles heal (good footballing term)when it comes to Android app & I have never owned an Android phone...

  • Have to say that the website on my s7 works great, so not fussed about the app.

  • Yeahthe index fine on my huawei p8 on the website. Works pretty well.

    An app would be better but one heck of a sacrifice to have to get an iphone just for the app.

    Guess the good thing is that , for us to make money on the index you need people who arent bothered about pissing it down the drain. Profits dont come from nowhere. If people are buying iphones they have no real concept of vfm so best to encourage them onto the platform.

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