Gabriel magalhaes

  • Whats going on with this lad? Lots of noise over his transfer. Initially a dead cert for Everton, hijacked by united, now off to arsenal, then back up to United. He is clearly going somewhere and in demand, but where?

    If its United i think he'll play (Left footed, young, expressive - Fits what Ole's after) and they are shipping off Jones and Rojo who are guff, and will play above Bailly who is perennially injured.

    Everton under Ancelotti sounds like the worst choice for me - Sure, he'll play, but they are a major rebuild and with the new stadium imminent cash for the squad will probably be limited.

    Arsenal, are well Arsenal innit. The style looks to suit his game as will Arteta, but it will be the same old same old wont it - Not enough graft and steel to see it through, lack of pragmatism to rough it up and shut up shop when required. I'm not sure they'll be buying up many superstars either really.

    I'm not pumping him here - I've bought a speculative 50 as he's cheap enough - But if i buy more depends on where he ends up, and genuinely i don't know which option is most desirable right now. I think Manchester or London, but perhaps best to avoid Liverpool.

  • He is young & with good quality for any team. PB Average around 100 is not bad at all.

  • @Leighton just watched a Romano interview, he reckons he's Napoli's first choice if koulabali leaves, but multiple agents involved complicating matters. Was only half watching it so not sure what he said about other clubs.

  • Napoli are in the mix too, but I read somewhere that he'd prefer the premiership (£££ innit). One things for certain, this lad is off somewhere in this window. But where exactly is the question? Interesting fight for him. Still pretty cheap too.

  • RE Everton's stadium plans

    Bramley Moore Dock is being funded by private equity firm loans

    The chairman has said he will cover any shortfall if costs escalate, but it shouldn't prevent them spending in the way it did Arsenal

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