Eric Garcia

  • It has been announced today that he won’t be signing a new contract with Man City. Reports are saying that he wants to move to Barcelona once his contract is up. He is unbelievably cheap for one of the best young breakthrough Defenders!
    Will be interesting to see where he goes, not many youngsters leave an too club after just breaking through into the first team! Must have a lot of interest for other big clubs.

  • Maybe they should have gotten him to sign a new contract before buying Ake!😆

  • He is 114p.

    Explain to me why that is incredibly cheap. Where is his route to dividends its not like he is going to be a media magnet.

    Not a massive fan of Robinson but he is about 140p.

    We are living in a FI world in which players have to justify their price now. Just being a good player or decent prospect isn't enough, it has to be a sound bet.

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