• With kepa having a big drop today, I think it's around 12% and it seeming obvs that lampard isn't a lover of him what's people thoughts on jumping in?.

    Possible mb for a transfer + maybe go back to the Spanish league?

  • @Jamiearsenal93 I just keep topping up via ME. At his cost and wages there are only a number of clubs who will want/ be able to pay his wages. Seems a cheap option to me for his age and previous reputation prior to Chelsea.

  • @Jamiearsenal93 someone has been playing funny buggers with Kepa, his price has jumped up and down 9p a few times in the last couple weeks and its always a 9p shift. Cant understand the reasoning behind it unless its just a nervous holder or someone trying to make him appear on the risers list.

  • I bought the first time when he dropped 9p & I'm now adding via the ME while he's low. 👌

    It's obviously one person or a coordinated de-pump.

    He's not going to go from the most expensive keeper in the world to a non-pb league for the rest of his career.

    He's 25 FFS!

    He has 10 years left as a keeper & if you can get on around 50-odd pence then it's not much of a gamble is it?


  • @Ericali i bought on the ME at 55p which was a 12p discount and still is depending on which end of the 9p price movement you look at it.

    Looks like you have been some real cheap ME bids accepted

  • @Black-Wolf yeh, probably going to generate some media too when he gets a move/loan so that will be a few more pence in dividends as a bonus. 🎁

  • @Ericali He will come good good eventually, De Gea had a similar start in England was awful then the best in the world, I know he’s now awful again but that’s besides the point

  • There Kepa has just jumped up 9p again

  • @Black-Wolf said in Kepa:

    There Kepa has just jumped up 9p again

    I didn't get any nibbles this time on the ME. If the person who owns the 9p of Kepa see's this can you just drop him again for me in an hour or so? 🤔

    Hopefully, the panic will cause someone to take the bait I'm dangling at 48p! 🤣

  • @Ericali as far as i can tell its a daily cycle on this price movement. You will get something matched when he isn't first choice tomorrow night

  • Starting to look like Kepa going to be given another chance at Chelsea. With Petr coming in to coach . Seems very logical unless Cfc want to throw 70 odd million away . With two new defenders and the right coaching he could become what he needs to be . The 50p bid price could look a steel in a few weeks if he starts first game .
    Yes I hold and yes I will be topping up .

  • If he plays the majority of Chelsea's Premier League matches next season, then 50p is a bargain.

    Big 'if' though.

  • @Spot-the-value Not sure where you got your information about Petr coaching Kepa. Petr is being groomed as a director of football he would not go backwards in his career to coach. If anything Christophe Lollichon would come back in to coach Kepa has he only stopped coaching due to his fall out with Thibaut Courtois.

    From everything I have seen personally Onana is very likely to come in even if Chelsea can not offload Kepa.

  • @London-Is-Blue The old story . Got this info from a friend of Jody Morris who has informed him Petr thinks he can help Kepa. May be rubbish but could be some truth in it . If the director of football can save the club 70 mill who knows .
    Regardless of this I can’t see a downside at a sub 50p buy of Kepa. It was also reported on some CHELSEA forums this week too .
    The points is as long as Kepa remains in a PB league he is worth substantially more than 50p .

  • @Spot-the-value yeah I’ve picked him up as there is no way he sits on the bench; he either plays or is used as any deal for a new keeper so likely PB move

  • @Spot-the-value Why would Petr have not said this when him and Christophe Lollichon were coming up with the two lists of GK targets depending on weather or not they can offload Kepa?

    Petr is also busy throughout the transfer window helping us acquire targets just look at the role he played in the Werner deal and the role he is playing in the Havertz deal too.

    It makes no sense to me, Petr has a full time job and a career path and given we still have Christophe Lollichon at the club who was Petr's coach and he only stopped being our GK coach due a fall out with Courtois he would have made much more sense to coach Kepa .

    Petr does not have the time to spend hours every day coaching Kepa i'm sure. I believe Matt Law said that after the Havertz deal is over the line we will be turning our attention to a LB (with Chillwell being very likely) then a GK then a CB which if the deadline on Havertz is true means we won't have to wait much longer to see Chelsea go in for a keeper.

    Due to the transfer fee Kepa is likely to be loaned out, imo probably back to Spain.

  • @London-Is-Blue Kepa to top tier Spanish team? Bring it the fuck on! Great news for holders 😎

  • @Sav2000 the 2 Spanish clubs being linked were Seville and Valencia which makes sense given the keepers they currently have.

  • @Sav2000 Not sure about top tier, I think slightly below that (Barca, Real, Athleti all have keepers)

    It will do him the world of good getting away from Chelsea his confidence is completely shot. Chelsea would want 52m for a transfer this season so that won't happen but due to the way accounting works in football they can write off 10m of his transfer fee per season so you could see a 1-2 year loan and then being sold for 42m/32m which makes a lot more sense.

  • @London-Is-Blue sorry I meant top division

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