• Hi guys just looking for some advice on Neymar.

    Got 30 shares at an average of £9.01. Do we think his price will improve more as the champion league game comes around?

  • I am not a holder, he is a bit too costly for me. But as outsider he seems pretty safe and one I would be tempted to get if I had a bit more $$$ to put in. Covid surely means that the Bara transfer is less likely so he may have another year tearing up the French league winning PB, and TOTM so I would think you will be okay.

  • Totally uninteresting story and completely irrelevant to your question but Neymar's bodyguard is currently training with my Sunday team.

    I asked the manager which position he may play. His response "anywhere he fucking likes!"

  • @NewUser600411 If Neymar gets off to a stormer I think his price will shoot up a bit, especaially with Ligue 1 being only game in town for a few weeks and him being a shoe in for TOTM. Long term his injury record will always hold his price back. But if he is fit he is essentially a dividend machine which should drive his price up given his comparative price.

  • If Neymar can stay fit i think he is the most under priced outfield player on the entire index. I wish i could afford a decent hold in him but unfortunately im not in a position to buy him.

  • Short term, until we see what the final version of the revised buying and selling engine is going to be I think Capital Appreciation is going to be hard to come buy. As such I think proven dividend winners isn't a bad way to go and Neymar definitely qualifies. He's way too good for the league, they'll be constant transfer rumours and even when he gets injured the resulting media storm usually yields a couple of days worth of dividends.

    My biggest worry about him is what happens if the move to Barca actually happens? He probably won't win anywhere near as many PB dividends and while he'll still pick up a few MB wins I doubt it will be as many, at that point you may regret going in on him. I think the decision rests on whether you think he'll move this summer or not.

    I used to hold 250 but now only hold 100 as I cashed out a fair few during the recent rises when everyone was speculating on the new dividend structure. I was a bit worried about the move back then and the rise he saw over that period made it too tempting not to sell up. If I didn't hold any I'd probably buy a few but 100 is about the level I'm comfortable with for now given the risks involved.

  • I hold 100 and happy with his regular dividends, as others have said if he stays fit with the farmers league being first back he should be TOTM for September and a good shout for the gold days.

    Hoping PSH go out in the CL as I hold way more Atalanta players but if they do win he’ll be up in the money most games.

    In short at his current price a decent hold and should be back over £10 at some point in the next few weeks, but I don’t hold premium players for CA they’re all about the dividends

  • I bought 125 on the ME a couple of months ago for about £8, but sold up my remaining 100 last night.

    I may get back on but I expect PSG to go out so hoping I can get a better deal through the ME if they do.

    Also I'm minded to maximise the current promotion by holding more shares in lower value players that get IPDs and have strong underlying value at their current price. There are a lot of those around right now - Reguilon I bought last night is one, but also topping up my Patricio and Hradecky.

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