FI Roadmap

  • Has anyone seen the roadmap that FI has published on the website?

    There are a few interesting things on there. Here are a few paragraphs that stood out for me...

    "Offer your Shares for sale at a custom price. Liquidate bets more quickly without crossing the market to instant sell, or use your knowledge to predict higher prices and sell in the future."

    "We’ve formed a progressive communications plan for the roll out of this functionality that will begin to be published in the next two weeks and will expand as the release date gets closer."

    "In Q4, we’ll add tools to filter Portfolios by age so that you can easily manage your positions over several windows of time to focus on In-Play Dividends, Shares that might be approaching three years of age, or just manage your Portfolio."

    "Further in the future, we’ll evaluate tools to help customers renew their Shares easily"

    "A new TOTM ranking will be displayed in the App and on the website so that Traders can track the rankings as the month progresses. "

    Not a whole lot of new info, but encouraging progress in communications of late

  • @Baydog it looked decent but i would of liked to have seen exact dates for some of the imminent changes on the road map

  • @Black-Wolf I think it's deliberately vague to just give an indication of where they want to get to and what they are working on, but without making promises that they will get criticized for if they don't then keep. Seems to be another effort to improve communication, although not really sure it says anything that we didn't already know.

    I think the most interesting part will be the time stamping of shares, which sounds like it will be with us before the end of the year. If they could start expiring holds in 2021 it will be interesting to know how much notice you will get. I haven't been on the platform that long, so it won't affect me, but if I had any shares either approaching or already over 3 years old, I would be looking at my exit point in the next couple of months.

  • Not a whole lot of new info as you say but alot of folks have been asking for more regular Comms so i'd imagine it's been released with this in mind. A monthly update like this would be quite welcome as just provides some reassurance of the long term progress and that what we are all expecting to happen with the platform is.

    While I know not everyone is in favour of enhanced analystics I do think this will be a big part of attracting new money if the aim is to move from the perception of a 'quirky bookmaker' to a trading platform underpinned by dividends.

    From a display persprctive I think FI are missing a trick in that the increase and decreases are based of market price, however, I'd have the option of a filter that lets you swap to a view on the increase and decrease of Instant sell price over a 24 hour period. This would be great for the day traders to show how much volitilty and liquidity exists between the spreads.

  • Personally I think they have seen what Footstock & Sorare have been doing with their comms of late & the praise they've rec'd so have thought 'let's copy that' but not necessary thinking of the content needed.

  • Good they have shared something. But it isn't really a roadmap. It's more a bucket list of wishes they want to do. Which is slightly helpful, but given most of these are common sense, it doesn't add too much. Especially as some stuff, like time stamping shares, should have been done years ago. Nothing in there to shock, things like auction IPO have been mentioned before, greater automation and more liquidity. The stuff on tools and UX is too vague to comment. Could be good, could be shit, could be nothing.

    It would have been nice if they gave us something to go on for time. I've read many roadmaps and you always give some rough indication of dates e.g. we want to do A,B,C in 2021, followed by D, E, F in 2022, and in 2025 we want to have G,H,I,J as a long term goal.

    It's a step in the right direction in terms of comms. Still a fair bit to do to improve, but I hope this is the beginning, rather than end, of more transparecy

  • Its just dawned on me but did anyone else notice the lack of any territory expansion information in the road map or have i just missed it? This was i major upcoming change which was thought to be introduced before the end of the year and we are still waiting on more news regarding it but i dont even see it on the road map seems a little strange

  • @Black-Wolf I’m guessing in the current climate it’s not a priority for the budgets they have.

    To much uncertain in many countries with COVID currently; I’ll be happy with them focusing on the UK for now and see where they are before the Euros as that would be the best time for an expansion.

  • Yea happy to see territory expansion put on the back burner until a more stable time

  • @Sav2000 yeah i get that but it would have been nice for them to communicate that within the road map it would hardly hurt the index to just say expansion will be delayed until further notice. Not saying anything makes it feel like its been swept under the carpet so im hoping no mention of it is just an oversight

  • @Black-Wolf I wonder if they looked into it and realised how difficult it would be with every country having different regs, I mean I love FI but do I think they have the capability to do it...
    best bet would probably be one of the bookies taking FI over, and who knows how that would go!!?

  • @Marksandygill i think so. I dont think the have the legal team to handle a complicated product like this over various countries. The expansion brings its own concerns as well as benefits. Imagine the hey faced a huge lawsuit over breaking another country’s regs and we felt the affects in the uk

  • Sorare are global, they've gone a very different route in "collectable" so not bets, that must of helped and to solve the currency issues they use Ethereum a crypto currency.

    Footstock sound like they are close to opening in New territories this year, so have found ways to do it regarding betting.

    FI are already in other countries with pooled liquidity. I think they will still expand relatively soon. My website gets a big chunk of its traffic from USA, I think they may be next and that will be hug if pooled with us!

  • @Westy would be interesting to see if they did open up in America how they handled it, I can't imagine they would just add the MLS into the 5 big leagues?! I wonder if it would just be a seperate platform that didn't affect us...

  • @Marksandygill just join our market and keep the pb lgs the same, like Canada and NZ. If not pooled they could add mls.

    After adding Gks, imagine the trauma of adding a new pb lg!

  • @Marksandygill the Americans love the EPL and European football so the MLS wouldnt need to be added in fact DraftKings is an American site and theres loads of football markets but i dont recall seeing many MLS ones.

    @Westy ive had a few Americans message me on Reddit asking if FI is coming to the USA i think there’s definitely a demand for something like this over there largely because of the mix of sports betting and trading markets.

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