Is there somewhere

  • Now the forum has had a bit of an upgrade is there somewhere we can send in details of a player that has the wrong information on the index to help FI out without having to message them. For example Tim Kleindienst is down as being at Freiburg. He left Freiburg a while back for the German second division and is now at Gent in Belgium. Bit like taking a punt on a gee gee in the 2.15 when it is running the next day at 4.30? Might be a good idea to have a running data base that we could add information to that they could act upon - what do we think?

  • @Gary-T not sure why we should be helping FI out here to identify where a player plies their trade. Should be the most basic of information they should be getting right. How difficult would it be to employ a small team of people to update a database? I never trust any bio on here. I always double check it against Flashscore or similar. Shouldn't have to do that. As you said I don't go onto the Racing Post website and have to double check a card. I trust what is written down.

    Player's ages are often a year out too.

  • FI should remove the bio and prospectus info. Loads of it is wrong or outdated.

    Instead they could maybe add useful info, such as the position a player falls under and maybe the history of positions. If you look at Trossard for example the position is showing as 'Winger'.....he is now a FWD having prev been a MID. But you can't tell that from anything on Trossard's 'page'. I think this is just an app issue and it shows on website, but it's fucking basic yet pretty integral to the bet.

    Can't believe this is a difficult change to make and some of this info has been wrong for years. Just sort it please 😤

  • there is a special section where users can offer their suggestions - let me find it

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  • @TotalPunt hopefully the prospectus tab becomes either the order book in depth or individual player transaction history with purchase and expiry dates

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