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  • ![alt text](![image url](![image url](0_1524697737496_screencapture-footballindex-co-uk-stockmarket-account-transactions-2018-04-26-00_06_08.png image url))) How do you work out a profit from the summary?

  • @Joking email me at and I'll send you my excel profit calculator

  • I would always calculate the cash i have deposited against my current portfolio value worth and my withdrawals...

    So in your case you've deposited £1,436 and your portfolio (£1,339.12 ) plus your withdrawals (£485) totals £1,824.12 (around £388 in profit) which divided into percentage terms gives you just over a 27% ROI... which isn't bad for 5 months work!!!!

    Not sure if everyone else does it like that? If there's an easier way etc but I would always measure everything on cash spent against cash made.... It's about as complicated as i go!!!

  • @dannypea that's exactly how I do it too! Currently at 44% after 4 months so very happy so far.

  • I think the ROI might not be quite as simple as dividing profit by deposits. For example; you deposit £1000, then you withdraw £500, then you deposit £500. Your deposits would show £1500 but you have only ever had a maximum of £1000 of 'your money' in the account. Note that this is different from depositing £1000, then depositing £500, then withdrawing £500.

  • @Blue-Python yeah in both your deposits would be £1500 but your withdrawals would be £500. So in both cases you would be measuring your portfolio value against net deposits of £1000. Seems sensible.

  • @John-Renwick Not the case. In the first example you've risked £1000 but in the second you've risked £1500. I think this is an important distinction

  • Ok I see what u mean, but at the time of measuring your overall net deposits are £1000. But I suppose if u had £1500 in at a point there's more scope to make profit.

  • I think i get that to do it properly you have to do on an individual futures basis which is quite complicated (noir's spreadsheet perhaps might help)...

    But in laymans terms... keep a track of how much you put in... Keep a track of how much you take out and add that on to your current portfolio value and I think that will still give you the best reflection?? (you can add in balance, take out dividends, bonuses etc but I would try and keep it simple)...

    After all... when all is finished you'll have spent so much and withdrawn so much... so the answer will lie between those on to how much profit you have or haven't made?

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