Cutting back time spent on FI

  • A change of strategy
    IS my whole port will bring in £6k
    Plan to spend the full amount on one player and see what divs and Cap/App brings in over 6 months
    I would appreciate options on which player to buy ?

  • I would just withdraw it if you are thinking about this. Putting all your money on one player is high risk. You might as well just put it all on a golden boot winner for the afcon 2022

    Whack it in 4-6 players and spread the risk or withdraw it

  • @NewUser489707 might as well just go to the casino and put it all on red or black. If that player flops, retires, gets badly injured, or goes to china- you’ve spunked your load.

  • I’d be careful putting this on the forum as FI might say you’re an irresponsible gambler and suspend your account.

  • @TeamGB said in Cutting back time spent on FI:

    I’d be careful putting this on the forum as FI might say you’re an irresponsible gambler and suspend your account.

    For what reason?

  • @NewUser489707 if you really must, £6000 on one player right now id go Gianluigi Donnarumma

  • @MikeWagner
    Sounds a bit desperate.
    One, that you'd attempt such a high risk strategy chasing money.
    Two, you're relying on advice for such a venture from traders you don't know from Adam.
    Three, you seem keen to get attention on this would be venture.

    You've sought advice and traders have suggested reduce your portfolio, but don't put all your eggs in one basket.

    Good luck. 👍

  • @NewUser489707 I wouldnt do this personally but if I did, I'd be looking at short term trades to really swing the risk/reward back into the green. There are ligue 1 and BL players with European fixtures upcoming this week. Players with genuine intrinsic value and long sell queues which can quickly be un listed with a 5p goal or a big gold PB score on a night with only 1-2 fixtures where summit like 250 (200) would have a big chance of returning 18p+. Buy before the unlisting, market sell for profit 'in game'. But to re-iterate, I wouldnt do this

  • I've posted this elsewhere recently, but Kane is the hold I am most comfortable in over a period of time, based on his current price, age, goal record, status as England captain and likely transfer links. Doesn't mean he will rocket but I would expect a steady rise, which would help me sleep at night if all my eggs were in one basket.

    However, really wouldn't recommend Kane or anyone else for a one player port over a six month period. Just way too risky.

  • As everyone has suggested, don't just put it all on one player, a bad injury or loss of form and you've just wasted 6 months!

    I don't know maybe choose 6 players from Man City or Man U and see how you go?
    Jesus, Foden, KDB, Sterling, Ederson and Cancelo
    Greenwood, Bruno, Pogba, Martial, Rashford, Maguire

    Or have a look on index gain for the top 6 Div returning players under say 28/29?

  • Looks like your in the wrong game

  • Slap it all on werner at bid price if you can.Sell at nice profit in your own time.He will smash the premier league.

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