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  • First forum post, signed up a couple of weeks ago and enjoying the site although learning from mistakes quite a lot but sometimes its best do do this early on. I'm up about a fiver (with a couple of referral bonus' and about a tenner in dividends) although I have learnt to take your portfolio value with a pinch of salt because without a buyer, a shares value is pretty misleading.

    My biggest loss has been on Ake, bit annoyed as I'd got in there early doors before the City bid and saw my shares rise 4 or 5p, bought a few more expecting them to rise even more when the deal was done but I learnt another lesson that the value is sometimes based on potential goings on so it will then level out when that actual thing happens like it did with Ake. However, it didn't level out it dropped down 6p below what I paid for the second batch which was a lot more than I expected.

    I guess I should've looked at Laporte and realised that once the transfer rumours were all done and dusted, he doesn't represent a lot of value in terms of dividends...well not atm anyway. So my question after all this rambling I can't sell him for sell price the best option is to hold him and hope he gets his game at City and people will then want to buy him for the clean sheet dividends therefore pushing the value up and helping me potentially cut my losses slightly or even make a small profit.

    Is this the right way of thinking? I'm new like I say and only have one or two mates on here who are just as green as me. Also just wanted to get involved in the community aspect of it so go easy on me if I'm talking shite.

  • Yeh you’ve got a bad egg there imo. He’s backup for Laporte’s injuries, otherwise noway Pep would’ve bought a left footed CB to play alongside him.

    Either cut your losses and reinvest elsewhere or hold out and hope, but that’s another gamble.

  • Everyone was a newbie on here once - no stupid question as most people have asked similar (myself included).

    Personally, yes - I'd hold him and review in 6 months but be prepared for it to drop a little more first.

  • Cheers for the replies, so quick as well! I like this forum. Seems like there's a pretty active community which is helpful.

    No joy trying to sell at the sell price or even a bit lower so I think I will stick it out. Laporte does have a history of injuries though and I'd hate to wish an injury on such a class player but if he was to be out for a bit, Ake's value could jump up.

    The plan is to review it a few months into the season, luckily I'm not playing with huge amounts at the moment so any losses won't be catastrophic but could put me back to square one I guess.

  • @Highfields96 I'm going to try and balance my portfolio with some long term investments based on my normally pretty sound knowledge of young players as well as learning to play the game to get some dividends. This is an aspect I'm still pretty wet behind the ears on, but with time I'll learn I guess.

    As a Newcastle fan, there's no players I'd touch in my team apart from St Maximin, I bought a few for a small amount and seen him drop 4p, tempted to buy a load more. The guy is class and will be out for a big fee within the next 18 months, I think he's tremendous value atm (but you may disagree). I think the 4p drop was potentially down to the Saudi takeover (which I never thought would happen) falling through.

  • @howsthebacon quick one, do you realise you can buy players below thier market price via the matching engine? For example, highest bid on ASM is £1.89 at the moment so good value if you rate him. I'm sure you do but just wanted to double check as you haven't mentioned if you got any Ake at a good price below the market value.

    Also what young players are catching your attention? You tend to get tunnel vision on what are the best young players if you've been around here for awhile so always good to get insight from a fresh perspective.

  • @howsthebacon Welcome! Everyone makes mistakes trading, best to do with smaller trades initially while you're learning. Just a note that clean sheet divs only apply to GKs!

  • @howsthebacon that’s not a massive first mistake I bought Carles Gill and Theo Bongongo in my first week 🤣

    We all live and learn

  • @DW you know what this is something I've only clocked on to recently, I was very much 'OK sell price is what you sell at, buy price is what you buy at' - another one of the lessons I learnt early on and felt like a right bell end.

    So yeah ASM could be great value at that price.

    Was going to ask if anyone uses Football Manager as a way of scouting young players to invest in? If FI existed during my peak Football Manager/Champ Man years I would be a millionaire, although I also would've invested heavily in Cherno Samba and Javier Saviola.

    I'm currently just getting used to it and haven't really lumped on any long term prospects yet, so I'll get back to you on who I actually go with. I don't want to recommend without knowing whether they're actually good shouts in terms of FI. I'm guessing if a player is on FI he is already pretty established right? Not like you can scout out u-19s and buy shares in them?

    Players I'm considering investing long term in are (these people aren't going to be super obscure but I hope to come back with some more left field choices soon):

    ASM, Lamptey, Cantwell, Bellingham (got to be worth a punt purely based on what happened with Sancho, although he is pretty expensive for his age and would definitely require some patience - Dortmund have such a good eye for talents though), Zaniolo...then there's Eze, Bogle and Brewster who I'm looking at long term.

  • The best mistakes are selling a player just before he wins dividends! Lots of people on here always willing to help!😁

    I'd say unless you know what you're doing in making a quick profit always hold players that you'll be happy with for 3 years, you can use sites like indexgain to see who has won divs over the last 2 seasons!🙃

  • @FootballArgos another lesson learnt, I definitely read that at some point as well and didn't process it. Cheers.

  • @howsthebacon personally I think he’s a good hold,gets goals..Dutch intnl.. CL.. & will likely start..good age too.. probably won’t make you a millionaire.. but still.

  • Also full disclosure, I'm new to this so way too naive to be playing the old game of bigging up my own holds lol, I don't own shares in any of these players (yet) apart from ASM but I know he's gonna be a slow burner as he is on a big contract and Ashley won't sell just yet.

  • @howsthebacon

    Yes I use FM. Not on it's own but certainly if a player catches my eye, particularly if he becomes a key part of my team, it can prompt me to do a bit more research on them. I also do use it to check a player out before buying if I don't know them that well.

    Yeah I would have lost a lot on Cherno Samba. But not as much as I would have lost on Tonton Zola Moukoko!

    I also use and will usually look a player up on there before buying.

  • @howsthebacon

    I would also suggest holding off investing much until after they implement the other half of the matching engine in a few weeks time and the market settles down after that.

    Also look at Goalkeepers as well as there is still a lot a value to be had in them.

  • @Advinculas-Index sorry how do you mean, the other half? Is this going to cause a bit of a spike in prices?

    I thought I read on the link you sent me that keepers are pointless investments?

  • @howsthebacon said in Nathan Ake:

    @Advinculas-Index sorry how do you mean, the other half? Is this going to cause a bit of a spike in prices?

    I thought I read on the link you sent me that keepers are pointless investments?

    They were a while back but then they recently introduced a Dividends category for keepers - something they had never had before (as i say some of the stuff on that link is now out of date).

  • @Advinculas-Index thought that might be the case, and the second half of the ME? what's that all about?

  • @howsthebacon said in Nathan Ake:

    @Advinculas-Index thought that might be the case, and the second half of the ME? what's that all about?

    Sell orders, so asm for example, if his market buy price is 2 quid and people have offered 1.80 (which makes the instant sell price) but you feel that's too low then you'll be able to put a sell order un offering to sell your shares at say 1.90

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