Gianluigi Donnarumma

  • Just wondering what kind of price people think Donnarumma might reach by the Euro's next summer? Being just 23, Italy's number 1, with 200 appearances already under his belt for AC Milan, already won PB since the restart without goalkeeper dividends starting yet, Europa League next season. PB avg last season of 90, high of 185. For transparency I hold 275 but thinking about topping up significantly. Currently the most expensive goalkeeper at £1.53, but still undervalued in my opinion.

  • @DanM not the highest valued keeper, alisson is at 1.56 currently

  • When do GK dividends start?

  • @howsthebacon iirc when the epl starts again but need to check for definite

  • @Ddr my bad. I think I thought Donnarumma was worth more because Alisson can be bought so cheap on the ME.

  • @DanM lol not an issue, I just love correcting people.

    However it does raise the question of how we should value our bets, market buy price, instant sell price or a mid range value

    With regard to how high he can go, it's really hard to gauge what level the top keepers will get to as their value is so new, but for sure there is still plenty of growth in their current prices

  • @howsthebacon I was looking for this info just now. Can only find "for the start of the 20/21 season" which I presume means when any of the qualifying competitions start - Ligue 1 kicks off on 21st August. Does need clarifying though.

  • @StephenD yeah just did the same but theres just something in the back of my mind telling me I've read something somewhere at sometime saying it's from the start of the premier league but buggered if I can find it now lol

  • @Ddr yeah I've been having bids matched for Alisson at £1.28 the past few days. Matched quite quickly as well. Certainly does make it difficult to gauge the true value of a hold.

    I like to have an exit price in mind when I buy, and I was thinking £3.50-4.00 for the premium keepers.

  • @Ddr fairly certain I saw the start of the EPL season as the start date for goalkeeper dividends (with the exception of TOTM) in the initial announcement. Could be wrong though.

  • It says start of premier league. It really should be the start of the new season and not one specific league.

    As for Donnarumma im sticking by my prediction we will see some keepers as high as £4 by Christmas and Donnarumma should be one that is near the top of that pricing

  • @Black-Wolf I'd imagine they've used the start of the premier league as it's a bit later than france and germany so give them more time to get the system in place (even though it's pretty much guaranteed to go wrong as soon as it goes live lol)

  • @Ddr i know they really shouldn’t announce things though unless the are ready to go

  • @Ddr Germany starts a week later than the EPL.

  • @Black-Wolf

    This is what their latest update said:

    "TOTM Dividends will be automatically paid and recognised in stats next month.

    A new TOTM ranking will be displayed in the App and on the website so that Traders can track the rankings as the month progresses.

    Goalkeeper Rankings in Match Day Rankings.

    Goalkeeper Dividends will be paid out automatically, on time, from the start of the Premier League."

    But they previously said that GK dividends would begin at the start of the 2020/21 season, so I've taken this to mean (perhaps wrongly) that they will:

    • begin when Ligue 1 starts and be paid manually (like July's TotM was and IPDs were originally); and
    • be paid automatically and on time when the Premier League starts.

    I’ll be slightly annoyed if this is not the case, because I bought into a couple of Ligue 1 keepers on the basis that it will be the first League back.

  • @Harford-is-God well colour me surprised, hadn't checked start dates just assumed that as theyd finished earlier they will be starting earlier, feel free to call me an ass

  • @Black-Wolf couldn't agree more, you dont announce something or introduce it if the infrastructure to support it isnt ready

  • @ocs123 in which case I think you should be prepared to be slightly annoyed

  • @Ddr

    Yes, I get that feeling that FI have pulled my pants down (yet again).

    There have been quite a few 'announcements' over the last 12 months that have turned out to be misleading. For example "only 7% of media winners likely to come from outside the top 200" and "matching engine bids being limited to 60% of buy price".

    It's starting to wear a bit thin and is affecting my confidence in FI. I've had about 10 players on my watchlist in the last month, but have invested in none of them because I figured what's the point, FI will probably just move the goalposts again in September / October / November and devalue my purchases.

  • I’m not so sure it’s fair to say this was mis-leading as I’m sure it was covered on this forum and I’ve copied the exact part from their FAQ’s from the announcement back on 10th July.

    When will the Goalkeeper category be included on Match Day Dividends?

    Goalkeeper Match Day Dividends will be awarded on Match Days from the start of the 2020/21 Premier League season.

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