Morning all - hows life?

  • Decided to stick my head above the castle walls to see what's going off after 2 sunny and hot weeks in Greece.

    Feck me, new shiny forum but Its painful reading!!!!

    I was hoping the doom and gloom was all over with me bringing the sunshine back, it seems not.

    On a personal note, I put the girlfriends full port up for sale when we left for the jolly and what would sell out within 10 days (she only buys top 10 trackers) has seen just Messi sell!!!! The platform is as flat as I have seen for just buying and selling top end holds.

    That said, im making pennies on flipping ME low ball bids and then selling on which is keeping my intrest in the product ticking over...I have however put new money into a couple of other products where in the past I would never have looked at another product....seems its the sign of the times.

    Roll on the start of the new seasons, the order books and then we will see what FI has to offer us all moving forward.

    p.s. Greece was great thanks for not #sigh.

  • Yeah, pretty stagnant on the index at the moment. Have got a lot of decent young players(and some shit old ones), that are shockingly low priced, so can't get out of without taking a significant hit. Normally that money would be recycling 2% directly into ACs veins, but am not willing to sell at the price available. Particularly galling when some are showing as in profit on the port.

    One thing that's surprised me is no-one seems to be bothered about transfers(unless it's Jadon). Normally there would be money smashing around into potential moves. Pb prince Parejo actually got a move and went down in price on last 7 days. Realise his age, but you have various instances of players linked with moves, not shifting in price at all.

    Other than that, I am pretty good! Bit worried that I prefer WFH and generally not going out much rather than what I used to do, but given there's a pandemic on the loose, I am reasonably chipper!

  • Daft question but are a lot of people waiting for the start of the new seasons to take advantage of the 5x IPDs or is it really just dead at the moment?

  • @Moukoko yeah I got a few players I expected to go this summer or at least have media buzz, this whole Sancho saga has completely dominated things. I hold around ten shares in him but I'd be sort of happy to see it end to allow the media buzz to be a fair playing field. Spurs signed Hojbjerg the other day and he didn't even make top 5 on media rankings!

    Sancho taking a dump seems to generate more views than a player actually signing for a top team - although don't want to start the debate whether Spurs are a top team haha.

  • @Marksandygill personally speaking I am trying to find ways to make it work for me....a year ago you bought a player and just watched his price rice - was easy, unless you were just damn unlucky or the type of person that thought a 1500/1 chance had a chance.....

    I try to be as positive as possible about this product and think once the full order books are in the place, covid fucks off, footy is back to normal then the platform will rocket again!!!! I do, I really think that anyone who stays strong now and doesn't need their coin, then in 2 to 3 years their ports will be worth double - I really do.....its just really tough at the moment.

    That said, life is tough at the moment full stop - i's show you how much money my pension pot has lost due to fucking covid, this platform would look like it was shitting gold eggs for us!!!!

  • @Marksandygill i think the market is being very selective even with 5p IPD's up for grabs and all the action is between the spreads rather than market buy.

    Lukaku for example yesterday had an instant sell price of £1.81 before the game and +£2.00 for a period after he scored, this AM it's currently at £1.90. So why would I market buy Lukaku at £2.05 last night for 5p of IPD'S when I can get him via ME at 15p below that 12 hours later?

    From a psychological perspective i think the market is still guaging market sentiment on movements on market price rather than instant sell.

  • @Marksandygill said in Morning all - hows life?:

    Daft question but are a lot of people waiting for the start of the new seasons to take advantage of the 5x IPDs or is it really just dead at the moment?

    Id say youve hit the nail on the head in regards to people waiting for the start of the season, reason being that fixtures aren’t congested enough right now to filly take advantage of 30 day IPD’s

  • @DW agreed on this. i was thinking with regard to new season and ligue 1. great . the ipds x5 goes for the first month in France. who shall i get. Yedder . 6 games . maybe 3 goals and 15 p. but maybe i could make that in buying earlier on a bigger spread or just getting on someone else decent whos spread is 30% or more. im beginning to see the ipds as a bonus but not chasing them with my buys

  • @jonathan-rolfe Don't forget there's no fixtures the weekend of 5th / 6th September in France (international break), so there's a 2 week gap from the end of August to the next set on the 13th Sept.

  • @StevieP cheers for the info

  • @DW yeah I bought Lukaku a couple of weeks ago, he is worth 13p a share less than I paid but he has paid back 20% of his value through IPDs and Divs!
    Can't help but think how much higher his price would have been if he'd done this say back in January!!
    I'm seeing the IPDs as a bonus to getting into shares I was planning on buying anyway!😁

  • I suppose i've been lucky... Hopped on FI almost 3 years ago and more than doubled my return which i cashed out (plus interest) in Feb & March this year (before the dreaded COVID hit)...

    Since then... i've done nothing... dabbled in the odd player through the money on account i have... tried to sell a few... without success...

    I saw a slight rise in profit on my account on May from April and that soared to a good couple of hundred quid up by the start of July (thanks to incentives) but that has since fallen this month despite me owning more futures now....

    I predict.... when football 'returns' and lets face it... it hasn't yet... Then these prices will again rise... But the longer 'normality' kicks in the longer we have to wait until it does...

    The market is flat... the spreads are ridiculous... nobody is selling... I say sit tight, hold, keep buying and when this bollocks is all over lets get back on the saddle and start to enjoy life and investing (not gambling) again!!!!

  • @dannypea it is very much gambling.

  • @Hotspur gambled all my life - I see this as investment, but call it gambling as we are told to use that language.

  • Instant sold my portfolio today, all the best to everyone in the forum for helping me make money. I wish you all the best of luck in the future

  • Buying shares for the long term dividends and sell on value feels like investing, but the other aspect of FI where you buy to get quick IPD returns and then dump feels a lot more like gambling.

  • It is the hybrid of gambling and investing that makes it so bloody brilliant, annoying, exhilarating and unique all in one.

    Better times ahead me thinks........

  • Looking forward to the new season kicking off, think that's going to help restore some order to the world of FI.

    Welcome back @Millerman looks like you bought the weather with you. How are the Greeks dealing with COVID?

  • @Yellow Greeks spot on with Covid, shops, public transport etc masks - just like here - in pubs and clubs, its all waiter service no going to the bar and no that was a shame that i couldn't sit and perv at all the slut drops etc.

    Can't have it all eh!

  • @Hotspur it was 'investing' when i started... to put money in now would be 'gambling'...

    I agree under the 'terms' it is all a gamble but due to the dynamics it's a little more complex than your traditional bet win or lose which i'm sure you agree on!

    life is a gamble... but some are more educated gambles than others!

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