new to FI need help

  • so ive done weeks of research on the platform and im going to be investing money. I want to know where I can find how players have done in previous weeks months and even years. Like how many dividends have they won etc. Also any other advice about who to look into and how to value a player be gladly appreciated

  • Welcome!

    My site might have bits that help you

    Data services wise see links on FI checklist... Indexgain, footy index scout and indexedge are all options. @Advinculas-Index has mentioned another on here- so have tagged to see if he can drop you a link.

    FI is tricky at the moment as they say they are half way towards order books and a few fundamentals have changed recently. So as a new user, don't judge it on this summer, give it a season. Buy I would go steady to start with, rather than all in immediately.

  • Agreed, FI is very flat at the moment for the 'majority' of this forum.

    Start small, learn the ropes, use the ME to get the players you want and don't be afraid of going in as low as possible....I bid as low as possible then just up the bid 1p a day. Got some really low Foden today and could have instant sold straight away to make 13% clear profit - so even though it seems flat, you can still make some brass - just have to scratch around to find it.

    Enjoy the platform and ask, ask, ask.

  • @NewUser650286 in answer to your question; check out the free data in index gains that will give you the basic historical data

  • as Sav says, try indexgain

    you can look at each players PB wins etc for free

    also another site recommended below

    I'd recommend using the 'watchlist' option to track players now before you buy. gives you an idea if you're on the right track without spending any money

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