How bad are spreads really?

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor no issues with that mate, today was the straw that broke the camels back; I’ve defended the said person for months but after the crap on Twitter and yet another dig at a platform he so vocal dislikes I snapped.

    I’m happy to apologise to the community if that’s how it’s been taken, but my post breaks no forum rules nor is it insulting, degrading or harmful and contained no offensive content.

    I pride myself on being fairly reasonable and level headed but I feel occasionally people should be able to call others out (as you and Dan have with me tonight) and as adults on a gambling platform that should be perfectly acceptable.

    Should FI contact me to tell me that my post broke some sort of rule, then of course I’ll take an punishment on the chin like the big boy I am.

  • @Sav2000

    No need to apologise, there are people who have agendas driven by rage and frustration at the fact they are unable to sell off players that no one wants to buy off them and as a result are expending a disproportionate amount of energy and time trying to post negative content on this forum and other forms of social media against the platform we all have invested various amounts of money in.

    Unfortunately they seem to be unable to engage in any form of debate without accusing those who have an alternative point of view as "bullying" and as a result play the victim card in order to try and elicit sympathy from those who may not be fully aware of the full scope of events even though they themselves could be quite rightly accused of bullying themselves in the form of the profane labels they have attached to some of the forummers here.

    Thankfully, FI in their wisdom have now provided a block function on the forum so this should no longer be an issue.

  • @Sav2000 It's actually because of your reasonableness and level headedness that makes it easier for myself and Dan to bark you back into order ;) It becomes much harder when you know someone will fight back. That doesn't justify not calling it out, just the internet can be a very tiring place, and knowing someone won't ever agree makes it even more tiring to start a keyboard war.

    For what it is worth, I dont believe you did anything strongly wrong tonight or broke forum rules. And I believe there are other posters who have taken it way too far on that front. And wish something more had been done about it as bullying is abhorrent (i say that as someone who has been bullied in the past).

    That said, I do take some interest in said user. Around October last year I clashed with that very same user who I felt was unjustly defending FI every move, particularly when I claimed that the Nov dividend increase would not be enough to drive the market for 12 months. I felt totally backing FI and protecting their finances over your own (acknowledging that the two are related to some extent) would only lead to bad outcomes to the market. So to see him go the complete other way is interesting in itself. The bullying does need to stop, but fuck me he hasn't helped himself.

    It's difficult to know what the solution is here. I despise the fact that he may have to leave, as technically that gives a win to 'bullies' (not you, but in all honesty some comments by others have crossed the line). On the other, this is hardly a damsel in distress. He has more than contributed his fair share of aggression and mudslinging in unprovoked scenarios,. Yet I dont want to see threads derailed either.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor Its not just your port bud.

    I feel like a broken record at this point, but Ive got a year long holds sitting in very nice "profit" only 1 player in red out of 21, however If I tried to sell them today, 9 would lose me money, In some cases Id get less than I paid for them when I bought them atleast 6 months ago, even tho they are well in profit.

    The whole platform is fucked now IMO, as nobody is going to keep or put serious amounts of money into it anymore. I used to put between 1-2k a month into the index depending on how good my month was, now Its 0 and it wont be changing anytime soon.

    Best advice I can offer is hold tight bud till FI "fix" it, then pull your money and run for the hills.

  • Starting to feel like I've joined at the worst time...I've not put a great deal of money in (obvious this all relative to each person) so I can just get a feel for the index but I am cautious about buying a lot of shares when I sometimes struggle such low amounts as 10/20 shares.

    Someone mentioned the other day I should hold off and see how the new ME for selling affects the market first so that's what I shall do. Are we thinking it could go either way, promote selling and get things rolling again or be the final nail in the coffin? Finding it quite hard to keep up but the general consensus seems a bit pessimistic.

  • @howsthebacon we’re certainly not at nail in the coffin stage far from it, but for those here a longer period time it’s tougher than it ever was.

    I’ve been here 12 months now (god is it August already), took me 6 months to fully understand the platform and then we hit COVID19! I’ve made 20% profit during this period mainly by pure luck that my port was set up for the guys that hit decent MB during lock down and before the FOMO Sancho train arrived.

    Those here longer it’s clear we’re making excellent returns, able to take a punt where it either made them loads or they could cash out with very little loss; those days are gone. I completely understand the frustration those players feel as it came without much warning, and the warning they gave was when IS was suspended due to COVID19 and they couldn’t change their strategy anyway.

    This frustration has led to bitterness and resentment and a fair few people have either sold up and left or taken their capital out and are now playing with profit only therefore reducing their risk.

    For anyone joining now you are in a much better place than those here before, you might not have a big port with massive dividend and profit figures but you no know the new game rules and structure.

    We’ve all got to play what’s in front of us and those who can adapt will make good returns (unlikely to be the 100% people were getting before) but it will take patience’s and spotting opportunities.

    The community (the vocal ones) are currently spilt, it’s for that reason I hope those unhappy can get out with profit and leave; I’ve been very critical of FI since true IS was removed but from a long term business point of view I understand the moves they’ve made so far which is what gives me confidence to continue here and not withdraw.

    I firmly believe once we’re out of the current pandemic (second spike or not) we’ll see a decent dividend increase and massive growth. FI aren’t skint but they are being prudent to ensure they can survive the next 6-12 months if the worse case scenario happens; and that is good for all of us.

    But I still want people to hold FI and their decisions to account, they’ll be more bumps along the way and people should speak up; for me it’s how they do that and what their real agenda is. Life ain’t all roses and champagne on other platforms I’ll tell you that much (I’m on 2 others), but they are newer and shinier and to be fair their customer service is bloody awesome so people will bang the drum loudly trying to get everyone else to come over so they make more money.

    Anyway it’s 3am and I’m rambling because is can’t sleep in this heat but I’ll stop there I think.

  • @MrWh1te said in How bad are spreads really?:

    I think it is crap you cant see without removing from sell queue.

    Just open another browser in incognito mode and check on there.

  • @howsthebacon its true its not a great period for existing traders but its an excellent opportunity for new money to take advantage of low prices and even more so if you use the ME to get bigger discounts. Dont get down hearted about existing traders feelings as you are in a position a lot of us would rather be in. In fact i sold shares for losses just to restructure and get where you are now

  • Aye
    Keep yer power dry, right now cash is king (and maybe gks ;)

  • I was amazed again yesterday that I couldn't sell my Ocampos off at market price last night to re-buy for IPDs. That's 2 players now who picked up 5p IPD dividends that I have missed out on. These sell queues are so long and so few people are willing to pay market price.
    I remember last season people would be jumping in for 1p IPDs!

  • @NewUser731 yeah I struggled to offload Ocampos both pre and now post IPD, I mean I'm not too fussed either way, Sevilla look like they might have a good chance of winning this and Ocampos is a very effective player so long may it continue.

  • @NewUser731 I'm a holder, he went up to £1.39 not long after restart so that gives you an idea about the depth I presume. The spread was very tight before the game so was able to take a loss on changing my shares on the gamble he would score and still have one or two games left. Long term hold anyway, expect a position change which will increase his PB chance.

  • @NewUser731 I now do fixture planning for selling players, try and figure out the depth of the listed to market and add them sometimes weeks in advance.

    What I’m trying to do is have a port I’m happy to sit on for 18-24 months for dividends and/CA so in fairness I’m only trying to shift 5 players Max from my port with as little loss as possible.

    I do think in the above time period things will change more positive and once we’re over the initial sell order introduction dip (which I want a cash balance to take advantage of) things will be on the up.

  • Yeah I'm not too concerned long term for him and I only paid a small amount for him a while back. I think its just indicative of how deep the listings are in general on the index. Someone like LP1 isn't going to touch the sides.

    I wonder if the start of the new season will make any difference if people don't want to take 5p IPD on a £1.30 player. I suppose it wasn't helped by everyone putting money into a 5p clean sheet IPD one 30p keeper.

  • the depth is still pretty shocking... the prices are bad, but fair (from buyer perspective).

    Doug Costa linked with Utd amongst other EPL clubs and doesn't even have 300 shares available. If this was last summer he'd be £1-1.50 by now

    Does anyone think some bids are sneaky? there are hundreds of players with just 1-5 shares available... could be people rounding up their holds … or maybe some people genuinely want 1 Dennis Man??? But could be FI trying to make things look better than they are?

  • @Coriolanus Some examples from my port right now

    Marc Roca - 241 shares, due a transfer any moment now
    VVD - 50 shares, number 2 PB DEF performer
    Zirkzee - 256 shares
    Nandez - 33 shares
    Serdar - 113 shares
    Lemar - 66 shares

  • @Coriolanus

    Good spot. I've thought the same.

    If you search the cheapest squad players there are dozens of former World Cup players who will never ever play in a PB league with small depth 4p or 5p bids against them. Why? Who seriously wants to buy this crap?

    Like you, I suspect it's a set up by FI to make the market appear less bad than it actually is.

  • @Harford-is-God

    The VVD depth is ridiculous, but reflects the market right now. Very few people want to have money tied up in old players and at 29 VVD is nearly over the hill in FI terms.

    In general I've stopped buying outfield players over the age of 27 and goalkeepers over 30 (aside from a few quid in Caballero and Forster)

  • @ocs123 He didn't win PB after lockdown so certainly didn't help sentiment generally.

    As has been discussed on other threads your buying approach is a safe one at the moment, hopefully OB will make the whole market active again as well as football normality.

  • @Harford-is-God i think that once Nasdaq software is implemented they will have to reduce the delta significantly to encourage depth by giving people the excitement of volatility. They will be able to easily prevent players values dropping below IPO or even going negative by way of the market makers keeping shares in circulation

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